What Mercedes’ F1 2021 testing woe shares with its last major scare

After Mercedes struggled with a lack of rear stability during testing in Bahrain, many looked back to its difficult pre-season in 2019 and assumed it was another case of sandbagging. But are many myths and half-truths about how Mercedes seemed to be behind in testing in 2019 only to win the first eight races of the season and the reality is a far more fascinating story. We look back at what really happened and explain what lessons, if any, can be applied to 2021.
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  1. Peter Spencer-Smith

    Peter Spencer-Smith

    28 dagen geleden

    The official definition of 'Sandbagging' is: The paying of youtube channels to perpetuate the myth that you are not sandbagging. 😁

  2. Bagiroud 12

    Bagiroud 12

    29 dagen geleden

    Mercedes: Other team are favourite Then HAM/BOT or BOT/HAM finish 20 seconds ahead of everyone

  3. edcoded


    Maand geleden

    TLDR: This isn't about Mercedes sandbagging during testing just to go on to dominate the season. This is about Mercedes not having a great testing weekend and then going on to dominate the season.

  4. ayaxro


    Maand geleden

    I wonder how this video will age. Not far to go.

  5. Michael X

    Michael X

    Maand geleden

    Thank you for some clear-eyed analysis.

  6. Chris Braid

    Chris Braid

    Maand geleden

    I wonder how the Limited funding is effecting their development options? They probably have had to downsize their staff and contracting options ...

  7. FPVtrucker


    Maand geleden

    I have seen Mercedes do this most years act like they are having trouble's and first qualifying well there they are right at the front again.

  8. y1521t21b5


    Maand geleden

    _Newey_ is the undisputed aero king. If _Honda_ actually "bring it", _Merc_ are getting dethroned.

  9. HootMaRoot


    Maand geleden

    You completely forgot to mention anything about how much less cfd merc can do this year which will slow them down a fair bit during development

  10. Hank Burton

    Hank Burton

    Maand geleden

    I call bullshit lol there not new and will smash it

  11. mircea miclos

    mircea miclos

    Maand geleden

    After data analysis , Mercedes faster 0.39 sec on the long run them Red Bull. So.... curb your enthusiasm ! Won't be a closer racing as peoples hope.

  12. Richard Wallinger

    Richard Wallinger

    Maand geleden

    what a load of verbal diarrhea. when the flag drops the bullshit stops .

  13. Momchil Yankov

    Momchil Yankov

    Maand geleden

    Well my thought is that I want to congratulate Lewis on his 8th won championship

  14. crxdelsolsir


    Maand geleden

    Mercedes is going to be shocked and slaughtered giving the fans the races and season they had always wanted.

  15. Cheese Steak Jimmy's

    Cheese Steak Jimmy's

    Maand geleden

    The only struggle mercedes have is that the sandbags are heavier in this year's car than others

  16. Paulo


    Maand geleden

    I hope RB have caught up and give us a good fight with the Mercs

  17. Yorkshire Man 66

    Yorkshire Man 66

    Maand geleden

    Mercedes will struggle at the first race red bull will have a first place and 2nd place Mercedes have been caught with there pants down

  18. Brad Bradman

    Brad Bradman

    Maand geleden

    I watch this video and it makes me think Ferrari’s upgrades to the rear of the car the upgraded power unit will make a large difference especially in the hands of the two raciest drivers in the field.

  19. Clifford Stclair

    Clifford Stclair

    Maand geleden

    In 2019, the media was touting Ferrari as the best car through all the free practice sessions of the Australian Grand prix, even though the Merc was putting better lap times. I remember everyone gushing over how supple the Ferrari looked and how ragged the Merc looked through those practice sessions. Then on qualifying day, Merc is 0.7sec clear of Ferrari and everyone realizes that Merc was fast. I can't help but seeing a bit of deja vu here. Merc did not stop developing the 2020 car halfway through the season just to have a vacation, they focused on this year's car and I would find it very strange that they somehow messed it up. Although the nature of the regulations with the reduced floor area might favor Redbull and the other high rake cars. We shall see, but if it's a Merc 1-2 on Saturday, I won't be surprised at all.

  20. Achmad Fadil

    Achmad Fadil

    Maand geleden

    So basically, the point is there is a more than 90 percent chances that Mercedes would dominate 2021.

  21. RollingEyes Croat

    RollingEyes Croat

    Maand geleden

    I want Mercedes to fail as 99% of other f1 viewers but that wont happen before FIA starts to actively working of ruining them like they did to Ferrari for season 2005.

  22. Belphegore


    Maand geleden

    “Major scare” from the most dominant team in F1 history. Give me a break. It’ll be another shit season with average battles in the midfield to convince us that F1 is still good

  23. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz

    Maand geleden

    Wishful thinking lol can't believe people actually think red bull might be better. I want Sergio to win wdc but he is not in a car that can do it.

  24. ayako studio

    ayako studio

    Maand geleden

    Nobody talks about the big change.Why? DAS is gone.....does anybody understand what a super(and unfair) weapon was this thing for Mercedes the past years?

  25. Hockey guy

    Hockey guy

    Maand geleden

    Fool me once Mercedes shame on you fool me five times!!! Shame on me!!! 😭😭

  26. Srini Krish

    Srini Krish

    Maand geleden

    I wish RBR puts an end to them. Tired of the merc era.

  27. Matt H

    Matt H

    Maand geleden

    James are talking about ducks with teeth when not giving out information about the floor for aerodynamic, he talked about ducks with teeth so he doesn’t want Red Bull and other teams to copy the floor to gain advantage.

  28. Trueno AE86

    Trueno AE86

    Maand geleden

    What it shares? Both events precede periods of absolute dominance

  29. Susila thapa

    Susila thapa

    Maand geleden

    *Rich people play the money game to win.* *Poor people play the money game to not lose.* *The goal of truly rich people is to have massive wealth and for many of them,* *it's to help a lot of people.*

    • Terbyy


      Maand geleden

      what the actual fuck. these AI's just get smarter everyday

    • Paterson Davis

      Paterson Davis

      Maand geleden

      Her Gmail contact 👆👆👆

    • Paterson Davis

      Paterson Davis

      Maand geleden


    • Paterson Davis

      Paterson Davis

      Maand geleden


    • Paterson Davis

      Paterson Davis

      Maand geleden

      ÷1 =3 - 0 2= 8 5 7= 0- 2 9= 8

  30. Renee Rehe

    Renee Rehe

    Maand geleden

    I believe what we saw in testing was true. Mercedes have a top 2 car that has a slightly unstable rear end. Maybe RB showed their hand a little more than Merc in the excitement or Merc just ran a little more fuel to disguise their performance a little. Overall, going into the first race it will be 50/50 between Merc and RB. A little further into the season, depends on their development curve I believe.

  31. Lost Alone

    Lost Alone

    Maand geleden

    Intro: "With Mercedes struggling for rear end stability..." Me: "...Giggity"

  32. Bill Little

    Bill Little

    Maand geleden

    Bbbb jb',''

  33. Craig Simpson

    Craig Simpson

    Maand geleden

    2019 was nothing at all like what they just went through in 2021 testing. Mercedes did the most miles in that 2019 test even if Ferrari was fastest overall and Lewis wasn't spinning the car all over the place like he just did in 2021. They also had 8 days of testing to overcome the slow start and to bring updates to test in 2019 which isn't the case in 2021. I'm not suggesting they are going to be also rans but the comparison is not the same between 2019 and 2021.

  34. Max G

    Max G

    Maand geleden

    Lol still going on about Ferrari having the best car in pre-season testing 2019. This crew can't admit they absolutely messed up.

  35. Kamogelo Lefifi

    Kamogelo Lefifi

    Maand geleden

    Mecerdes was slower than Redbull?👀

  36. Matt Evans

    Matt Evans

    Maand geleden

    I watched the footage, and the problem more looks like cold tires than anything else. Why they are cold, I couldn't tell you, but, if Mercedes keep them warm (which I might add is harder now), then they'll continue to dominate. If not, I still think we'll only have one team dominate, whoever that will be. That's just how current F1 works at the moment.

  37. Mohamed Abdinur

    Mohamed Abdinur

    Maand geleden

    I suspect sandbagging ... Mercedes is a team you never dismiss because they had a bad day at the office. They are relentless and ruthlessly efficient in making improvements on their weak spots. Red Bull should not become too confident from a test.

    • Mohit Anand

      Mohit Anand

      Maand geleden

      The question is will max be able to give title fight

  38. Fisnik Ramadani

    Fisnik Ramadani

    Maand geleden

    ...and don't forget to make some video's to try and explain how we are going to fail in youtube too, so they believe us harder.

  39. toolman thetim

    toolman thetim

    Maand geleden

    what can we do to get ESPN to get Edd behind the microphone instead of Hobbs? i get tired real fast of him explaining why the british teams and drivers aren't doing better.

  40. ItaloDiscoFreak77


    Maand geleden

    I honestly think this year will be Redbull's year, I think Mercedes has problems even though they will be strong during the year!

  41. Jayed AL Sabit

    Jayed AL Sabit

    Maand geleden

    I think there is a thing I'm sussing for the reason that Red Bull was significantly dominating the testing and hiding the details in a car! There seems an issue to me but I won't tell now!

  42. Jiffy Pineapple

    Jiffy Pineapple

    Maand geleden

    Oof he messed up on the title, woe instead of wont ( i think )

  43. Sugandh Saxena

    Sugandh Saxena

    Maand geleden

    Stop mercedes I'm tired of seeing them win



    Maand geleden it , I think Merc could probably fix the issue of the 2021PU but, it all depends what they’re really dealing with.

  45. Magnus Kogstad Plassen

    Magnus Kogstad Plassen

    Maand geleden

    In 2019 Ferrari cheated. That was why they looked so good in testing.

  46. V8Hilux


    Maand geleden

    These floor changes are being presented as benefiting the tyres, but they were specifically designed to reign in Merc so I don't think it's a given. Merc won't drop off like Ferrari but RB will be a lot closer for sure.

  47. Cream


    Maand geleden

    Well its a part of attack on titan sometime a theory right some times not

  48. Tobias Crans

    Tobias Crans

    Maand geleden

    Please don't re-use songs, thanks!

  49. Nick L-G

    Nick L-G

    Maand geleden

    Video way too long. You could have summarized the last two seasons in two minutes or less and should. Have. You start talking about this year at 7:40 at the earlest. Try harder to get some original content and thoughts to fill your whole video.

  50. Luka Džidić

    Luka Džidić

    Maand geleden

    Bullshit as usual, it was sandbagging in 2019., it is sandbagging now... in 2020. they probably just couldn't resist taking what seems to be the most dominant machine (performance wise) ever (over the rest of the field) to it's limits in testing so they didn't sandbag that year

  51. Myles is White

    Myles is White

    Maand geleden

    Mel bin not Mel born

  52. Kartik Kumar

    Kartik Kumar

    Maand geleden

    Red Bull will kick Mercedes ass this year.

  53. Aka Deadpool

    Aka Deadpool

    Maand geleden

    By race 3 there be up there again you would be a fool to count them out

  54. rotrohan


    Maand geleden

    What we learnt from testing is nothing. For maclaren to have no issues and am and Merc to have issues, tells me that in the thrrr days they are pushing harder. Sit back and watch the Merc and am show this season while rb and alpha tauri pack their bags for good.

  55. Jon Thor

    Jon Thor

    Maand geleden

    They are removing the sandbags as we speak

  56. Rainman


    Maand geleden

    Already put some cash on Hamilton winning the race lmao. They ain't fooling me.

  57. Rudus


    Maand geleden

    Nice story but Mercs are winning WDC and WCC comfortably this year. I have even bet 50 quid on it. FIA are clueless & we have regulations for regulation sake (100kg fuel flow, 15000 max rpm etc). Red bull better look at 2019 and set their expectations correct within the team or they will get terribly disappointed next weekend, which they might never recover from.

  58. Hovermotion


    Maand geleden

    Its going to be a two horse season race again.....boreing

  59. Oz Dylan

    Oz Dylan

    Maand geleden

    I didn't watch the video, i just came to see what everyone else thought about the BS Mercedes is pushing this testing season :P

  60. rich jackson

    rich jackson

    Maand geleden

    They always love sand bagging

  61. Hans Wurst

    Hans Wurst

    Maand geleden

    Just shut the f*ck up. 😒 Mercedes will be the benchmark in Melbourne. They are not struggling or anything. You can tell us how complicated it is and so, bla bla bla, the result will be the same like the last years.

  62. Brian T

    Brian T

    Maand geleden

    Mercedes will finish 1-2 in the constructors championship as payback for all the people doubting them. They'll find a way....

  63. H


    Maand geleden

    Your video is skipping frames on Mercedes' footage - looks like they're rendering at 25 FPS and you're rendering at 24. (Looks like it's just skipping that one per second.) I'm not a video editor myself so I don't know what kind of simple solutions the editing suites offer other than just rendering at 25, but I thought I should bring it to your attention

  64. psychological warfare

    psychological warfare

    Maand geleden

    golly that car used to look good*

  65. Ben Gibbons

    Ben Gibbons

    Maand geleden

    There was literally zero reason to strip 10% downforce off the cars this year. The tyre reason is BS because the tyre manufacturer knows teams will regain the DF so why cut it in the beginning? Literally one of the dumbest decisions Ross Brawn and the governing body of F1 have made...... especially considering we have the cost cap this year.... way too make teams have to spend unnecessary cash 👍🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • TassieLorenzo


      Maand geleden

      As if they weren't going to spend money on developing their cars anyway... Bodywork was never frozen under the 2021 regulation extension.

  66. Ben Gibbons

    Ben Gibbons

    Maand geleden

    Worst case scenario they do have real issues and it will make for a more closer season. Merc are too good a team to not overcome their issues.

  67. tehsheik


    Maand geleden


  68. Soham Mhatre

    Soham Mhatre

    Maand geleden

    Because of wind tunnel and CFD restrictions as well as the cost cap I still have hope for a RB vs Merc battle for the title going to the very end

  69. johny modem

    johny modem

    Maand geleden

    The first race will tell. It's not just 2019 that Mercedes were off the pace in testing, though 2019 is an example of the significant improvements that they can make in a short time frame. As Mercedes enter the season it is still their championship to lose.

  70. TheHijglander


    Maand geleden

    Grasping at straws comes to mind hen watching this video... almost all is speculation and hope that the past ensures the future.. which it almost never does. I just hope that more than one team is actually competing for wins from the start of the season.

  71. Jeff Balls

    Jeff Balls

    Maand geleden

    I think amg will struggle this time with no das and shitty rear, it will be quite interesting this year

  72. Rutul Tarambale

    Rutul Tarambale

    Maand geleden

    They’ll be ok man, it’s another Lewis championship

  73. Marko


    Maand geleden

    I am not a Red Bull fan. That said, I pray they beat Mercedes. Someone, anyone, other than merc and Hamilton please win the title. Gee-Zus......

  74. Sindhu Sojan

    Sindhu Sojan

    Maand geleden

    Even Ferrari couldn’t beat Mercedes with a illegal engine! Shows how good Mercedes are even within the rules!

  75. Will James Clas

    Will James Clas

    Maand geleden

    These channels really reach for content

  76. irieman442


    Maand geleden

    Rumor around the water cooler is that the pace and medical cars will be Aston Martins this year... Daimler laying thousands of workers off... I guess the money does have something to do with success in F1.

  77. Spiral X

    Spiral X

    Maand geleden

    we will know this weekend

  78. andrewnduati


    Maand geleden

    Their ducks with teeth conversation has me certain they'll get pole by 3 seconds and get a "hard fought" P1-P2 for 21 to 26 of the 23 confirmed races. Either that or Haas will win the constructors and driver's championship in 2021 is confirmed.

    • andrewnduati


      Maand geleden

      If anything Mercedes' sandbagging technique this season (and I sort of hope I'm wrong) is on par with the unnecessary amount of AMG badges on the W12, or worryingly for everyone else, on par with number of three pointed stars that were on the W11. I think this will be a year similar to 2017 or 2018 at the worst - where Mercedes may have had the second or third best car at race 1, but by race 6 they'll be miles ahead of everyone else, and Lewis will prove once again he is the best driver of all time statistically, objectively and imo subjectively. Instead of fighting a surprisingly strong Ferrari it'll be a Red Bull instead, and that Honda PU will have some crucial, but pivotal late races failures at the start of the season and one devastating failure at the end of the season á la Checo's Racing Point failure in Bahrain when he was on for P3 with less than five laps to go.

  79. Jack Manley

    Jack Manley

    Maand geleden

    With any luck, we get something like 2009, and Red Bull pulls out a big early lead before Mercedes (inevitably) gets their package perfected after a few races and begins blowing everyone else away. But if the Merc is struggling to start the season, it won't be for long.

  80. mohd nor haris

    mohd nor haris

    Maand geleden

    The media crying wolf for the 8th times. Who would believe that

  81. Keval Parmar

    Keval Parmar

    Maand geleden

    Get a new writer, you shouldn't have to use the word genuinely 20 times in a single video

  82. SmashGhost


    Maand geleden

    Still butthurt about their Autosport conclusions from 2019 testing

  83. please leave

    please leave

    Maand geleden

    Replace Bottas with Max

  84. Michael Adhi

    Michael Adhi

    Maand geleden

    What woe? Toto just playing. His bonus for 2021 is linked to how much media is covering Mercedes ineptitude during testing.

  85. Tosa


    Maand geleden

    We just have to wait and see, won't we?

  86. Sebastiaan


    Maand geleden

    2019 testing Mercedes claimed they where half a second behind Ferrari. First race of the season they are .7 ahead. You don't find 1.2 seconds in a few weeks in F1. F1 isn't easy. They where sandbagging then, and they are quite likely to be sandbagging once again. And everyone keeps falling for the same trap, over and over again...

    • Axel Morales

      Axel Morales

      Maand geleden

      Exactly right. Merc will spin up stories about finding a solution in the nick of time which is genius marketing. But the teams know it’s all bullshit. Conclusion? Mercedes sandbagged in 2019 and teams like Red Bull should assume a massively better Mercedes come Bahrain.

  87. Chan Xu

    Chan Xu

    Maand geleden

    At least, Mercedes made the pre-season testing interesting. Hopefully, this is not the most interesting thing in 2021.

  88. Tarun Naskar

    Tarun Naskar

    Maand geleden

    Still trying to defend your 2019 blunder?

  89. No Shit!

    No Shit!

    Maand geleden

    If you keep digging, you can make anything more complicated than it actually is. They keep saying " this season is different, we have a huge challenge this time, we are behind, they are faster.... " and such crap each and every season. Even if they did not show up at the testing, most of us would still debate that they will wrap it up before mid season break. They will have the better car, ham will have another walk in the park, easy season and you guys will bash about what an incredible driver ham is.. I will be watching the youngsters and hoping for wins and podiums for lando, gasly, seinz and so on..

  90. Franco Viejo

    Franco Viejo

    Maand geleden

    "Ferrari was easily battering us" My, I wonder what FUELED such a development...

  91. Rizqi R Mosmarth

    Rizqi R Mosmarth

    Maand geleden

    I remember remembering lewis said “(insert other team name) have a great car this year, so it might hard for us” a few years back

  92. LabGorilla


    Maand geleden

    Trust the race to turn this into an explanation as to why they predicted Ferrari would be the team to beat in 2019. Instead of this year.

  93. michael hayden

    michael hayden

    Maand geleden

    is there an video to explaine the , fences? or the structures of what kinda looks like an old tv antenna hanging off parts of the cars in testing . im guessing mabe a tool to check aero/velocitys of an area on parts of the cars bodywork? if not id live to know more about ...

    • michael hayden

      michael hayden

      Maand geleden

      @TassieLorenzo thats pretty amazing tech. i can only imagine the things that the F1 teams are using . Pretty amazing! I wonder if the car manufactures sue anything simmilar to help develop the cars and trucks we drive daily? thank you for your responce to the question put up!!

    • TassieLorenzo


      Maand geleden

      Correct, it's an array of aero probes (high-frequency wind speed sensors: X, Y and Z components of velocity, from this they can calculate turbulence in each direction (which is the RMS of the instant velocity minus the mean velocity), frequency spectra of the velocity fluctuations (vortices & turbulence) etc).

  94. Gju Jumpsuit

    Gju Jumpsuit

    Maand geleden

    Honda for 2021 ...🔥



    Maand geleden

    This same guy also claimed Ferrari had the best car in 2019!

  96. DaylightDigital


    Maand geleden

    2:18 "You hang up.... No YOU hang up!!! Silly."

  97. Koshish Dhakal

    Koshish Dhakal

    Maand geleden


  98. Shifty Malone

    Shifty Malone

    Maand geleden

    I think Verstappen will win the first race.

  99. Choopremo


    Maand geleden

    Mercedes could have mastered the art of prank

  100. John Musila

    John Musila

    Maand geleden

    Unpopular opinion, LH44 spin was on purpose so they could lift the car and other teams would take photos and waste time analysing the fake floor designs...😂😂😉

    • Matthew Van Rensburg

      Matthew Van Rensburg

      Maand geleden