The top tech secrets already revealed in F1 testing

F1 teams love hiding key parts of their cars when they launch them, but once they hit the track in testing many of those secrets are out in the open. After two days of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Scott Mitchell picks out the main tech secrets we’ve uncovered so far
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  1. jib jib

    jib jib

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  2. G Gordon

    G Gordon

    11 dagen geleden

    F1 needs to give their head a shake! The body work is ridiculous. Scrap downforce, go back to mechanical grip, lots of horsepower, no launch control and go racing.



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    This is some properly anal stuff and my prostate is loving it

  4. Ahmad Ammar

    Ahmad Ammar

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    Is it fair watching this video just to admire all the beautiful cars 🥰😍

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  6. lee barker

    lee barker

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    F1 lost the plot they look so ugly now and get worse every year. loved the v12 days

  7. PAWEL4513


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    Red is not driveshaft

  8. Denyse Carroll

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  9. MitchelS2K


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    F1 technologie and engineering could put us on Mars faster then Tesla Curious how many designs they have tested

  10. Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

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    Keep it up THE RACE.

  11. Feint


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    I wish they would get rid of the tall vertical fin on the centerline and shorten the cars. Modern F1 profiles are so awkward and fugly with their incredible long wheelbase.

  12. 안주형


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  13. Rock-a-Tronz


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    Love the breakdowns and all the tech insider info. I thought I was Sunday arm chair Blackbelt with new tech. These guys on another level . 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  14. miko foin

    miko foin

    Maand geleden

    Ferrari rear end suspension and transmission. It's basically a completely different concept

  15. Hisham


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    > Haas hasn't spent their two development tokens does this mean they can keep it for 2022?

  16. doire aintu

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    Amazing job!

  17. Sup Tech

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    • miko foin

      miko foin

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      1975.......stopped watching " races " years ago. what a joke.....

  18. Just Me

    Just Me

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    Funny how the only US team has Russian colors. Gene must feel like a true American haha..Anyway I wish them very much luck in their races,

  19. John Peterson

    John Peterson

    Maand geleden

    I’m completely new to F1, never watched a race before this upcoming season but your detailed analysis’ helps me very much to understand f1 some more. Thank you ! As an Brit who has always loved mclaren cars I’ve decided to be a mclaren fan so I hope they can match or do better than last season lol

    • doire aintu

      doire aintu

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      we make as a short e as in Ted or bed. It's definitely not ur, aye, eee.

  20. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

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    Analyze the Honda engine revealed after the cover flew off Checo's car.

  21. Nick Barnes

    Nick Barnes

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    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

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      Damn I didn't notice the alpine looks like a beluga whale with that bubble lol

  22. Andrew Hardgrove

    Andrew Hardgrove

    Maand geleden

    Haas just packing it in already lol

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

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      Can't help thinking those McLaren barge boards look massively complex and sooo vulnerable to damage...

  23. aola wili

    aola wili

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    spot on 👌 Can imagine teams genuinely watching this in engineering meetings!

  24. Rithwik Raman

    Rithwik Raman

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    Words cannot describe the joy I feel when I hear McLaren being described as a top 3 team.

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

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      just getting into F1 lots of info to take in

  25. anotherpatriot


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    Guys get an audio engineer to help u with low audio and hard Ps Bc this channel’s content is 🔥🔥

  26. stu Art

    stu Art

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    Mclaren definitely one to watch this year 👍

  27. Doug Harvey

    Doug Harvey

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    Why don't they stop all this mess and cost, make the wings smaller front and rear, back to basic's keep it simple.

  28. Paul Boynton

    Paul Boynton

    Maand geleden

    Good video. There seems to be less and less technical analysis in F1 media these days. Please keep it coming! One piece of constructive criticism if I may. Please be careful of using colours alone to differentiate elements in diagrams. Those of us who are colour blind can really struggle with this. You could use different styles of dotted lines along with colours for example or at least stick with highly contrasting colours. There are different forms of colour blindness but personally, I found that the green and yellow lines used to show the Red Bull rear suspension really problematic. They look almost identical to my eyes. I know, those of you who are not colour blind will find that hard to believe but I'm sure that others with colour blindness will agree with me. FYI: In case you're wondering, colour blindness affects about 8% of men and 0.5% of women.

  29. OZZIE


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    Awesome video guys! Consider higher volume though in videos as the commercials otherwise come screaming at us viewers since we have high volume :-)

  30. pida siouy

    pida siouy

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    This channel puts the official F1 channel to shame, such good stock footage all the time and perfect editing as well

  31. Yiannis Hayabusa

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  32. dijon streak

    dijon streak

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    Formula 1. ??!! what a joke...a shadow of what it once was...bottom line: form without substance....what a shameful state for a sport that was SO since 1975.......stopped watching " races " years ago. what a joke.....

  33. hugostiglitz7


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    "our technical expert Gary Anderson" is like code for F1 employees to switch off and roll eyes.

    • pida siouy

      pida siouy

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      Add Sam Collins from the official F1 channel and Scarbs, and together with this channel you have a dream team of technical analysis for F1. Love them all

  34. Michael Linner

    Michael Linner

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    Since they'll assuredly dominate again this year I feel a pronunciation guide is called for for Mercedes. All of the "E's" are pronounced exactly alike. It's like the sound in english we make as a short e as in Ted or bed. It's definitely not ur, aye, eee.

  35. 11RossLeronX


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    Thank YOU SO MUCH, ive been looking for reviews on Mercedes W12 new floor

  36. david howard

    david howard

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    Can't help thinking those McLaren barge boards look massively complex and sooo vulnerable to damage...

  37. Vic H

    Vic H

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    Damn I didn't notice the alpine looks like a beluga whale with that bubble lol

  38. Ober Machinist

    Ober Machinist

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    just getting into F1 lots of info to take in

  39. General RAAM

    General RAAM

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    Just discovered this channel , great insight into the cars , thanks.

  40. Elio Camey

    Elio Camey

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    All this nonsense...just bring back V10-8s and minimal aero! 😎

  41. Santiago Casullo Ameigenda

    Santiago Casullo Ameigenda

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    I support this channel to keep on getting serious and checked information out of independent sport journalism. Thank you very much for your work and dedication. greetings from Uruguay!

  42. vheggem


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    Great info, but what a sad load of aero bits, when you can still buy an F1 seat.

  43. horst kraut

    horst kraut

    Maand geleden

    Mercedes didnt show us the secret sandbags, hidden in the sidepods

  44. Michael Aldridge

    Michael Aldridge

    Maand geleden

    Bring on 2022! This year feels like a bit of an intermediate season before the new rules.

  45. Jon Dela Cruz

    Jon Dela Cruz

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    i got an f1 ad when i clicked on this video

  46. sammië rosexx3

    sammië rosexx3

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    Its really fascinating to me that the smallest of changes can bring about extraordinary change in results....

  47. NIkCan


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  48. Almarma


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    Add Sam Collins from the official F1 channel and Scarbs, and together with this channel you have a dream team of technical analysis for F1. Love them all

  49. Vítor Guilherme

    Vítor Guilherme

    Maand geleden

    the alpine looks amazing. the engine cover shape is beautiful

  50. Nick Cosentino

    Nick Cosentino

    Maand geleden

    I hope your not saying Mercedes is sandbagging like they did in nearly every race till the end. Be careful not to speak against the protected driver, or should I say SJW punk.

  51. Jean .valjean

    Jean .valjean

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    dont know if it will be fast but i really enjoy the thickness of the alpine

  52. ehemals simeht t

    ehemals simeht t

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    ❤️ Fernando Alonso & Alpine ❤️

  53. jaysun eakle

    jaysun eakle

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    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for color coating and tracing air paths. It helps me better understand these complex cars. I really appreciate it !

  54. Rad Rhat

    Rad Rhat

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  55. vestibule1443


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    All these fins and folds and spikes and capes and whatevers are completely out of hand.

  56. ed


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    Renault: The hunchback (free from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

  57. EvcomNT


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  58. True Forensics

    True Forensics

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    Mercedes aero design taking it up a notch. Again.

  59. Rad Rhat

    Rad Rhat

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    The sticky cub beverly relax because trunk finallly carry plus a poor way. silent, nonchalant step-mother

  60. Marten 244

    Marten 244

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    It is how 2014 new car Everthing is diffence

  61. ArtSurroundsYouAll


    Maand geleden

    These pre-season tests mean nothing to the upcoming season, the whole car is set up for a variety of different reasons, fuel loads are different, engine modes are different, gear ratios, aerodynamics plus many other components are tested.. I have never once looked at the testing times as a marker for the new season, the last eight years has seen Mercedes dominant and won the championship, driver and constructors, yet in each pre-season they have not produced spectacular times in pre-season and so many F1 fans fall into the same trap that Mercedes will not dominant. Mercedes do not have to push to produce the fastest testing times, the other teams will including Red Bull and its done so Mercedes will take notice, its all tactics. Yet come the first race we might see a different car win the race this happens quite a lot, but then the likes of the Mercs change something and they go on to dominant. Pre-season testing is to iron out issues that could potentially be a problem, Mercedes are masters at doing this, yet the other teams are working on raw speed, why? again to show they can compete, but little changes will be made. I do expect a tougher challenge this season from Red Bull and possibly McLaren in third but I can't see anything stopping the Mercs and Sir Lewis from getting that 8th world title.

  62. Rickard Lejonhjärta

    Rickard Lejonhjärta

    Maand geleden

    getting flashbacks to 2007 ish cars with the "free space? just put moar wings!" design

  63. J M

    J M

    Maand geleden

    no real pure racing fan gives an F about aerodynamics bits & pieces, the cars look ugly AF!

  64. praveen kumar

    praveen kumar

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    Ferrari is like fuck I’ll use a cardboard to race 🥵🥵🥵

  65. Mike Lliteras

    Mike Lliteras

    Maand geleden

    More aero department, that should make for some great follow the leader racing, I mean driving. They should ban the goofy barge boards or limit the number. Something else to break off and flatten tires.

  66. Eunice Reeves

    Eunice Reeves

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  67. xxxv XXXV

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  68. Wayne Enright

    Wayne Enright

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    biggest change ive seen is Vettell smiling again

  69. Craig Adamson

    Craig Adamson

    Maand geleden

    Am I the only person who would gladly see the entire side pod/ floor structure overhauled so there were NO vanes of any sort? No flanges, sticky out, jutty bits, no silly wavy bits - just a clean smooth car.

  70. ataberk erbektas

    ataberk erbektas

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    Alpine has a very THICC af engine cover mann :)

  71. Simon S

    Simon S

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    What about Ferrari? No big changes there?

  72. STU86_OnlineGaming


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    The alpine looks like a dolphin 🐬 😂

  73. JM #7 RACING

    JM #7 RACING

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    A Race series for the Development of Road cars 🚔 Interesting Tech .

  74. Shannon Fletcher

    Shannon Fletcher

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    So the Red Bull floor looks normal, but what have Mercedes and McLaren done?

  75. Michael Nthodi

    Michael Nthodi

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    Why did you not include Ferrari?

  76. Josh Fairweather

    Josh Fairweather

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    This channel and ‘Tech Talk’ has taught me so much about the technical part of F1. Absolutely love this channel

  77. Geer


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    Would love to see your view on the different front wing and nose layouts.

  78. Onkabetse Sarela

    Onkabetse Sarela

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    best F1 content

    • Onkabetse Sarela

      Onkabetse Sarela

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      this is especially important because im from africa and really dont get access to F1 news or stories.

  79. Sandra


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    How come no one is talking about the Honda 2022 engine brought forward into 2021 ???

  80. Justin899


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    I’ve been looking for an explanation of the Dino intake on the Alpine, I hope this delivers

  81. sultanabran1


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    didn't show any of the sandbags mercedes is running

  82. Karthik Explores

    Karthik Explores

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    Can you add Ferrari aero changes

  83. Boyer Industries

    Boyer Industries

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    What a badass channel

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    Joe Arnold

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    Awesome production and visuals to explain.

  85. Mr.Miscellaneous


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    McLarens winglets make my skin crawl

  86. Mikael Zarfati

    Mikael Zarfati

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    I noticed the Red Bull has a red light pointing to the front left tire, what is that for?

  87. Debra James

    Debra James

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  88. Sam David

    Sam David

    Maand geleden

    . Lewis out like the predators predator Hunter like Merc going back so much with cheese slice off the side 🤣 sandbag to the max to full MAX 😂 start calling Merc dream crushers my tires are done bono . Lewis purple laps win race 🤣 I have cramp in my leg . Purple laps pull's 10second gap

  89. Goby


    Maand geleden

    Call me when drivers actually get to drive again. Way too much tech

    • Ernesto Gasulla

      Ernesto Gasulla

      Maand geleden

      We'll never call you then. Driving aids were outlawed in 1994 and they never returned. All this modern tech does not help the drivers.

  90. Christian Evelyn

    Christian Evelyn

    Maand geleden

    Was waiting for Autosport to release a video and then found this - thank you very much 👍👍

  91. The wishful Thinker

    The wishful Thinker

    Maand geleden

    My goodness these things have become so incredibly technical.

  92. Nick Torres

    Nick Torres

    Maand geleden

    This is exactly the same (almost word for word!) as Sam Collins' tech talk coverage on Sky

  93. Marco Luigi Carugati

    Marco Luigi Carugati

    Maand geleden

    What software do you use for the animations?

  94. Sean Govaerts

    Sean Govaerts

    Maand geleden

    Alpines car looks erm, interesting

  95. Nighthawk117


    Maand geleden

    Sometimes, I catch myself being so engrossed in The Race's videos and then it hits me: the high-def glory, relevant footage and slick editing reflecting the spoken topic, smooth voice over with condensed scripting which keeps videos on point but never rushed, yet within the 10min mark. The visual brilliance of the technical analysis and breakdown, stuff you can't even get on SkyF1, is ace. It's simply fabulous and it's what's been missing as a middleman (so to speak) between the fans (both casual and hardcore) and the sport itself, sorely missing in the past. Very thankful for you guys!

  96. Paulius Vaitkevicius

    Paulius Vaitkevicius

    Maand geleden

    Love these guys, so much in depth review and very good/constructive thoughts

  97. Chris Demitris

    Chris Demitris

    Maand geleden

    i have a question does mercedes run more rake now or is it just me ?

  98. Onur Tirkes

    Onur Tirkes

    Maand geleden

    .... not allegent?? this is all you have to say about Alpine design? where is the technical detail?? that's the lowest you had have ever get against Alpine/Renault... even at your standarts this is crap.... shame...

  99. A. A.

    A. A.

    Maand geleden

    Ferrari as always with the best innovations

  100. Enock Mberego

    Enock Mberego

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    Haas new changes is the new paint work and the rookie drivers 😅😅😂