Why F1 has introduced new secret car checks in 2021

The FIA will carry out deeper technical checks on one car drawn at random at every grand prix in 2021. At the Bahrain Grand Prix the lucky winner of this draw was Valtteri Bottas, whose Mercedes passed the additional checks with flying colours. This is part of a push by the FIA to further close down any possible avenues for cheating in F1, with the hope being that the threat of a team's car being chosen for the random extra checks will prevent teams being willing to take too many risks around F1's technical rules. So how does it work? Edd Straw explains all in our latest video.
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  1. Frank


    10 dagen geleden

    Yeah great news, now start enforcing track limits.

  2. Isgak Abrahams

    Isgak Abrahams

    11 dagen geleden

    When they inspect Kimi's car Kimi: "Buah"

  3. Brendon Noble

    Brendon Noble

    11 dagen geleden

    These are rules regarding the car specifications, not laws. If they don't meet these standards the car is non compliant not illegal. Nobody is going to go to jail.

  4. Cuya


    13 dagen geleden

    Great F1 updates, knowledge and latest rules, etc. But what’s with the flashing of “ads” during videos? I pay for NO COMMERCIALS on NLcameras subscription, and inasmuch as I am a zealous F1 decades-long fan, your commercials are annoying. Peace. We Race As One.

  5. Sum Creations

    Sum Creations

    15 dagen geleden

    I'm curious as to how this random selection happens... is it possible to randomly select the same car for many races, or after you have been checked, your car is off the list for a couple of weeks

  6. Eddie


    16 dagen geleden

    They don't want the Ferraris burning oil for a whole season before they find out and have to do a confidential deal to save face.

  7. Emilio Avila

    Emilio Avila

    16 dagen geleden

    Love these types of videos, but please Scott, for the love of god stop being such a dickhead in the drivers press conferences. Instead of asking multi-part questions that are impossible to remember and questions that hit a nerve, maybe try and build some good rapport with the drivers? Might open up some opportunities in the future, because as it stands, everyone hates when you’re called on to ask a question.



    16 dagen geleden

    Where the mercedes fans at

  9. D.B.


    17 dagen geleden

    2:49 let’s be clear. Bottas wasn’t selected... a Mercedes was.

  10. adcock5457


    17 dagen geleden

    This sounding like the begining of the end of F1 like the end of NASCAR in the US. They changed everything, including taking the manufacturing companies out of the game. All chassis were the same, and on and on. So in the end the cars looked the same and passing became more difficult and the people like me said he'll no. Well F1 is going in the same directions, one tire, no refueling, now surprise inspections, and with the new rules for 2022 they are taking away the creative nature of engineers and in my opinion killing the sport. Yes the big company backed cars would have an advantage with money, but instead of rules that restrict innovation spread the money from the bottom up instead of top down they already have deep pockets help the small teams with bigger piece of the pie. And get more tires manufacturing companies and refueling back into the game.

  11. Sasha Z

    Sasha Z

    17 dagen geleden

    Fia is stalling the progress

  12. James Smith

    James Smith

    17 dagen geleden

    I’d love to see the bonkers engineering if there was an F1-X league with no limits on weight, displacement, engine, aero, etc.

  13. Luiz Roberto

    Luiz Roberto

    17 dagen geleden

    I am 100% sure that this is happening because of the 2020 ferrari scandal

  14. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell

    18 dagen geleden

    Perhaps if the cars were not so insanely complicated, this would not be necessaty. (A view from the "good old days".)

  15. Marshmallow Wolf

    Marshmallow Wolf

    18 dagen geleden

    I feel like the constant banning of ideas is hampering technical innovation. Everytime someone comes up with a good idea the FIA shuts it down

  16. ian elliott

    ian elliott

    18 dagen geleden

    Does anyone else think that the budget cap, safety regs and engine capacity max should be regulation enough? Doesn’t all the minutiae just stifle genius innovation. All the current rules make F1 something akin to a one make series.

  17. Tejas Naik

    Tejas Naik

    19 dagen geleden

    Well, better late than never.

  18. PassiveSmoking


    19 dagen geleden

    Why do I think Ferrari aren't going to be randomly selected for a deep inspection as often as the other teams?

  19. Marc Hewitson

    Marc Hewitson

    19 dagen geleden

    F1 has way too many rules and regulations, teams should have more freedom to design their car.

  20. Francois Fortin

    Francois Fortin

    19 dagen geleden

    if the FIA checks for software issues just call on the source code of all cars Of course, proper software engineers are in order

  21. Marnix Janse

    Marnix Janse

    19 dagen geleden

    It is hard for me to grasp that this has not been going on for decades, now IMHO it looks like a certain team in italy needs more data to develop their 2022-car...

  22. esciteach


    19 dagen geleden

    uh, it's called NASCAR: do it pre and post race last 20 years . . .most winners only tighten 4 of 5 lug nuts (saves time) and receive a $5000. fine (means 0 to teams making millions). welcome to Nascar

  23. davkdavk


    19 dagen geleden

    A good way to document all the technological differences and gather information.

  24. Trebuchet


    19 dagen geleden

    Cost caps and copyright cars: FIA: We want to cut the cost of racing. Also FIA: The most obvious way of cutting costs is hereby forbidden.

  25. Old Man Stumpie

    Old Man Stumpie

    19 dagen geleden

    Ferrari inspires people on so many levels

  26. Hockey guy

    Hockey guy

    19 dagen geleden

    Well Mercedes has never been caught so.... Yeah they gotta do more !!

  27. larthallor


    19 dagen geleden

    Why Haas this been introduced?

  28. the Revanchist

    the Revanchist

    19 dagen geleden

    Random drawn from a hat like UEFA did in Champions League live on TV drawing pre-chosen teams? Or REAL real random?

  29. Zerg


    19 dagen geleden

    0:25 - Herb Deans younger cousin refereeing F1... seems legit...

  30. MatoComissions


    19 dagen geleden

    Your the best 👍🏾

  31. kennyj851


    20 dagen geleden

    Too enthusiastic mate, calm down!

  32. MoutainMan3000


    20 dagen geleden

    Thanks Ferrari. 🙄

  33. UnitedMi


    20 dagen geleden

    Haas: Can't inspect it if its wrecked, nerds!

  34. stesummers


    20 dagen geleden

    IF they find any wrong doing will they just issue a cease and desist notice like the did to Ferrari, or will they actually punish wrongdoing for once?

  35. Dan Preston

    Dan Preston

    20 dagen geleden

    I’ve watched a few videos on this channel and this was the first time I noticed it was being narrated by Romesh Ranganathan.

  36. Cornish_ Boy

    Cornish_ Boy

    20 dagen geleden

    Random checks mean Ferrari will only be given a months notice then? Lol

  37. Wolf Fusag

    Wolf Fusag

    20 dagen geleden

    Checking one car relative to second car from one team is very minimal. I believe checking random 5percent of total participants is far more effective. Shorten areas of checks to compensate time and cost.

  38. zenkiz33


    20 dagen geleden

    We all know they introduced these checks because of Ferrari.

  39. TLR Eclipse

    TLR Eclipse

    20 dagen geleden

    Alfa Still best looking car on the grid.

  40. Lionel Hutz

    Lionel Hutz

    20 dagen geleden

    last time they had a closer look Ferrari slowed down, now they look even closer Mercedes slows down.

  41. GeM Dionisio

    GeM Dionisio

    20 dagen geleden

    Total B.S. on the new rule. Most likely teams not Mercedes AMG (44 in particular is excempted) will be scrutinized.

  42. ShelbyKingNFS


    20 dagen geleden

    This is why i dont really watch f1. There is no room for creativity with all these regulations

  43. M Gabrielle

    M Gabrielle

    20 dagen geleden

    Basically this means the F1 will be using what they see on Merc and pass that information on to other teams they want to help beat Merc. Remember you do get spies in every department.

    • Zedrhyx


      14 dagen geleden

      I thought there are rules on how many things you can copy from 1 car that's why no one is completely copying mercedes unless FIA suggested that copying is legal then Mercedes might have a problem

  44. Mike Romanage

    Mike Romanage

    20 dagen geleden

    How about publishing the Ferrari engine issue from 2019/2020?

  45. Jj Manning

    Jj Manning

    20 dagen geleden

    Yeah random just happens to be Always be Mercedes. They should look into red bull.

  46. Eric Duchesne

    Eric Duchesne

    20 dagen geleden

    What happens, if on the track there is a rule for Hamilton and another for the rest of the field. I can't digest Bahrain corner 4 😡😡😡

  47. Casey Filletti

    Casey Filletti

    20 dagen geleden

    Is bottas clear for the rest of the season now? Can’t Mercedes make non compliant changes to the car now without fear of being checked?

  48. 8power0


    20 dagen geleden


  49. Chris Hayes

    Chris Hayes

    20 dagen geleden

    The FIA should do this check on all cars though, after the teardown Haas might find their car goes faster.

  50. Dont even Start

    Dont even Start

    20 dagen geleden

    I knew it! RB’s car is not legal! Just like 2019 Ferrari illegal engine.

  51. Peg Legged Brown

    Peg Legged Brown

    20 dagen geleden

    Perhaps they should do what Nascar does prior to approving the car to be allowed on track with that high tech laser grid scan. It's worth a try and it's made that sport more honest than it was like for example 23 years ago.

  52. miKkael


    20 dagen geleden

    Fia - we are doing a standard Random inspection. (Picks bottas) Bottas leaves the track with his car in 1375 pieces, had his phone checked, his pockets checked, had his finances looked into, blood and urine tested and had a camera up the backside. FIA next race - we are doing a standard random check on Ferrari. (Picks leclerc) Leclerc tells the fia the car is red Fia - checks.....agrees...announces its ok and the inspection is over.

  53. The Dog Botherer

    The Dog Botherer

    20 dagen geleden

    Bottas must be saddened by this... Nothing wrong with the car and he's still too slow!

  54. Angelo Mertens

    Angelo Mertens

    20 dagen geleden

    F1 should get rid of FIA

  55. Adam B

    Adam B

    20 dagen geleden


  56. Rene Kloppe

    Rene Kloppe

    20 dagen geleden

    To be honest, 1 car out of 20 is not enough, the teams could still take the risk of getting catched. I dont know what penaltys they get for breaking rules, but f.e. the 50.000$ Ferrari had to pay in 2019 Abu Dhabi GP for overfueling the car of Leclerc is a joke for the teams, at least for the bigger ones. I think 8 people who are checking the cars is way to less for such an expensive sport and a big organisation like the FIA.

  57. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker

    20 dagen geleden

    Should have done that for the last 6 years

  58. SONIC589


    20 dagen geleden

    The content on this channel is incredible!!

  59. Martin Wagner

    Martin Wagner

    20 dagen geleden

    Funny part about this is that Ferrari helps the FIA with this checks

  60. Chris Cook

    Chris Cook

    20 dagen geleden

    Fia should explain what was really found and said to Ferrari as fia lol stands for Ferrari international assistance

  61. Am Ka

    Am Ka

    20 dagen geleden

    good guy FIA trying to gate keep VW from entering the F1, thanks.

  62. Barry Braynen

    Barry Braynen

    20 dagen geleden

    Why y’all gotta check Valterri’ car? Damnnn check another team

  63. Davey Jones

    Davey Jones

    20 dagen geleden

    you are naive if u think this is about anything other then the FIA wanting more power over who wins and loses.

  64. ElFiebruPR


    20 dagen geleden

    the fia definitely watched drive to survive season 3 specially that episode on toto wolff saying fuck you when they asked him if bottas was their number two driver

  65. JV Manca

    JV Manca

    20 dagen geleden

    Is this an April 1 prank?

  66. Hi


    20 dagen geleden

    Probably give all the data to Ferrari.

  67. Nelson Nunes

    Nelson Nunes

    21 dag geleden

    It's very very clear, that everyone in paddock after 3 years, do not understand how tha hell Merc's are so damm fast .... even FIA with many years in the field doesn't understand it also. So .... Merc's are official Lab rats. Merc's are hitting hard on the Ferrari prestige legacy .... ( or FIA ? ). This is interesting because Merc's have an intriguing and overhelming perfomance overall.

  68. Chris Cochran

    Chris Cochran

    21 dag geleden

    I would love to see a group B of formula one

  69. NCH Music

    NCH Music

    21 dag geleden

    *After FIA finish checking the Mercedes* Mercedes : “Okay bois , is time to put back our sandbags we collected from Bahrain*

  70. Sjandre Strydom

    Sjandre Strydom

    21 dag geleden

    Wow they inspect the alowest merc 1st ppppffff typical they should check both!

  71. DAN NY

    DAN NY

    21 dag geleden

    Fia have tried their best to stop mercedes dominance. Failed big time.

  72. Emil Sipos

    Emil Sipos

    21 dag geleden

    if you continue adding ADS every 2 minutes I will just stop watchin your videos. This is more than acceptable!

  73. Lime green Trump machine

    Lime green Trump machine

    21 dag geleden

    Well its all great till all your secrets of the gray area are given to the favorite fia f1 team

  74. Antony Snook

    Antony Snook

    21 dag geleden

    I know it would take a lot of personnel and time but why cant a chassis be stripped down and investigated before practice. That way a car can be banned or team fined. The problem is the cars are independent in the internal design. And it is hard to see what things do, And electronics are hard to understand. NASCAR inspect 50 cars per event. Way more than F1´s 20 teams.

  75. Erik J

    Erik J

    21 dag geleden

    Why.... Ferrari, thats why

  76. Brad Pittman

    Brad Pittman

    21 dag geleden

    Will the new regs force the teams to fit Butt hole pressure sensors to each driver? If so, will the teams be required to log this sensor or will it just be a live channel. I only ask Bc it seems the fia is already up in the cars Butt so it’s a logical progression of the rules in my opinion. Thanks and have a nice day.

  77. xristos kalandrias

    xristos kalandrias

    21 dag geleden

    Χαχααα FIA sure yes.

  78. 48BAKER


    21 dag geleden

    What they have done last year with the deal with Ferrari doesn’t really tell me it’s always going to be about honesty as long as there is money involved

  79. Karl


    21 dag geleden

    Why not check top 3 then 1 random?

  80. affendi ahmad

    affendi ahmad

    21 dag geleden

    Conspiracy theory: FIA is favoring mercedes... They just wanna know how much progress of other team in order to help mercedes (Lewis Hamilton) continue the domination...

  81. David Bennett

    David Bennett

    21 dag geleden

    Why are Tracing Point or whatever they’re called these days, allowed to still race with what is clearly a Mercedes..?

  82. Ate De Jong

    Ate De Jong

    21 dag geleden

    Would make more sense to select the winning car and one other car randomly!

  83. AM75 AM75

    AM75 AM75

    21 dag geleden

    Can't wait for RB to be "randomly" checked. I trust them as much as I trust the Chinese. While the FIA are at it, add track limits to the list. A suggestion is take the sand bags Mercedes are hiding and spread it out along the outside of the T4 equivalent at the next race.

  84. Rich McLachlan

    Rich McLachlan

    21 dag geleden

    So the FIA will go to these extraordinary lengths to check that the cars are legal but won’t consistently enforce a simple track limits rule.

  85. Ironicalballs


    21 dag geleden

    Why don't they just check the winners car? Like GT Four Toyota Celica? For all these years they should have been checking Lewlews

  86. Emmanuel V

    Emmanuel V

    21 dag geleden

    The real question is who suddenly lost a ton of performance since testing? 🤔

  87. Synthesis


    21 dag geleden

    they probably just skip the merc garage

  88. Oscar Blomqvist

    Oscar Blomqvist

    21 dag geleden

    A bit off topic, but talking of cost cap: How are FIA enforcing and checking the cost and spending of the teams? By checking their accountings etc.?

    • JS


      18 dagen geleden

      I wonder about this too. How will the FIA have to resources to do what government regulatory agencies can't?

  89. Ettore Marinello

    Ettore Marinello

    21 dag geleden

    not like they gonna release details if they would ever catch ferrari

  90. mircea miclos

    mircea miclos

    21 dag geleden

    Wow ! Such a detailed but can't find a solution for track limits ! Good job FIA !

  91. Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    21 dag geleden

    FIA it’s James...

  92. Sumit Shines

    Sumit Shines

    21 dag geleden

    atleast Valterri got P1 in secret car checks in Bahrain

  93. Sumit Shines

    Sumit Shines

    21 dag geleden

    they need to check into his Pit crews who is actually working for Lewis behind the scenes.....

  94. firm1z


    21 dag geleden

    Should be done to all cars after every race. Boxers hand wrap are checked after every fight, so make it the standard.

  95. 10 pound sim racing 1

    10 pound sim racing 1

    21 dag geleden


  96. fablewalls


    21 dag geleden

    Looks a better policy than changing track limits ruling halfway through a race. And no - I'm not saying overtaking while all four wheels are off track should ever be legal.

  97. Walter


    21 dag geleden

    Could Bottas have won if it wasnt for the pitstop ?

  98. Resist


    21 dag geleden

    Whelp Volkswagen definitely ain’t joining now.

    • Maskabrownx


      19 dagen geleden

      hahaha I loved your comment! :)

  99. zororosario


    21 dag geleden

    Nikita Mazepain? Next?

  100. Lewis Kemp

    Lewis Kemp

    21 dag geleden

    Lol. Nascar has been doing this for years. Usually top 3 and a random car