The astonishing details from F1’s Grosjean crash investigation, and what changes are coming

The FIA has released the findings from its detailed investigation into Romain Grosjean’s fireball crash in the Bahrain Grand Prix last year. In this video Edd Straw picks out the key details from the investigation, the new pieces of information about the crash that have been revealed, and what F1 will be focusing on in its bid to reduce the chance of a similar accident happening again
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  1. Alexei M S Cruz

    Alexei M S Cruz

    8 uur geleden

    Romain Grosjean may not have won a race, but he ended his F1 career with the most significant legacy any F1 driver would be proud of, improving further crash safety in car design, track, and driver protection... take a bow, Romain...

  2. Clint Eranovic

    Clint Eranovic

    Dag geleden

    It's impressive that first of all the rescue response was so efficient and well executed and also that the investigation and analysis has been carried out that hopefully will help to improve safety in future. Decades ago without the halo and body shell this would undoubtedly have been a fatal accident.

  3. Mike Hoyer

    Mike Hoyer

    2 dagen geleden

    Formula 1 needs better mirrors. That alone could have prevented this crash. There was a crash this weekend at Imola where two cars came together because one driver could not see the other behind them. With all this crazy F1 technology you would think drivers would be able to see cars behind and next to them.

  4. Bunny Kins

    Bunny Kins

    3 dagen geleden

    What a guy. "My contract is ending....I'm gonna **really** fuck their car up!" Glad he is ok. Amazing technology in those machines. 💚🐇🐴💚

  5. Bob Terryson

    Bob Terryson

    5 dagen geleden

    Wonder how many people died building that circuit

  6. chris wassan

    chris wassan

    5 dagen geleden

    why no tyre wall in front of barrier

  7. Stem Artin

    Stem Artin

    6 dagen geleden

    How to prevent another crash like this happening; Don’t let NetFlix through the door ever again...

  8. Dj Phantom

    Dj Phantom

    6 dagen geleden

    How Grosjean survived is a miracle, and a testament to the F1s car manufacturers, without whom I think the outcome would have been completely different, the drivers might not have liked the HALO to start with, but I bet they appreciate it now. Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative video. 😀😀👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  9. Smith Js

    Smith Js

    7 dagen geleden

    I''m glad this guy is off the F1, he always ruined the other cars in first lap.

  10. MisieQQQ


    7 dagen geleden

    How about wider mirrors so he could have seen that there is a car in the blind spot?

  11. Flying Ratbag

    Flying Ratbag

    9 dagen geleden

    On the flip side, the halo is going to trap drivers in cars, if car on side or inverted. It was a fluke that it helped the cockpit spear the mid Armco

  12. David Lynch

    David Lynch

    10 dagen geleden

    Amazing escape and congratulations to the medical and safety teams who helped. Fuck his team management. Complete and utter bastards.

  13. david haworth

    david haworth

    11 dagen geleden

    The man who walked from the fire

  14. heirofaniu


    11 dagen geleden

    It's amazing they're still using ARMCO barriers. That's what stuck out the most to me.

  15. Paul Eiler

    Paul Eiler

    11 dagen geleden

    Amazing info! So happy this was not a tragegy.

  16. master cormac

    master cormac

    13 dagen geleden

    your voice twin is a software developer on youtube called javidx9...just thought you might like to know...

  17. Michael King

    Michael King

    14 dagen geleden

    Props to God on this one.

  18. Norman stanley Fletcher

    Norman stanley Fletcher

    14 dagen geleden

    I can’t believe they used dry powder, it’s knock down ability was almost nil, does anyone know why AFFF is not used, I’m ex fireman and AFFF Has always been my go to first extinguisher,

    • Michael King

      Michael King

      14 dagen geleden

      No. Not sure.

  19. Sharon Wong

    Sharon Wong

    15 dagen geleden

    I legit thought I watched him die when I saw the crash. After seeing not just the explosion but the car being ripped in half, I thought he would've been decapitated until I remembered the halo. Kudos for the FIA for implementing that and to everyone involved with the readiness of the safety precautions.

  20. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    16 dagen geleden

    They've made miraculous safety improvements and changes since Jimmy Clark's death and Jackie Stewart's near death can you imagine taking that same crash in a lotus in the 60s at the same speeds amazing

  21. Jay


    16 dagen geleden

    Number one safety feature in this crash was God and His angels.

  22. Steve Bosman

    Steve Bosman

    17 dagen geleden

    Everything worked the way it should... but for the fire. The fuel cell needs to be redesigned and located to stop it from bursting. Slam the fuel cell into a wall at 300kph, without bursting: Problem solved.

  23. MinnesoTom


    17 dagen geleden

    What stood out for me was the track fire team seemed confused as to how to handle this. The doc had to help one get the extinguisher going and it didn’t look like they knew what to do. That’s the scary part and needs to change.

  24. Richard Callahan

    Richard Callahan

    17 dagen geleden

    This was god showing him it’s time to step away and return to his family. He is the man who walked out of fire. Tough as nails. Honestly, the medics are terrible, they need crash responders to extract the victim and hand him over to the doctors. Having the doctor assisting the man out of the car is just asking for trouble. Not to mention Grosjean revived virtually no help in exiting.

  25. Amnon Hoppe

    Amnon Hoppe

    18 dagen geleden

    The most disturbing fact is that Romain would have been dead if he would have been unable to climb out himself. That still needs to be fixed/improved....

    • Alexblenb


      16 dagen geleden

      The another disturbing fact is that the chance that he would be able to climb himself was close to zero in this circumstances - 200 km/h speed, 67G impact, 28 secs of a fireball, car stuck in the fence. In those cases normally a driver needs to be extracted from the car. What if he would be unconscious or disoriented or would have been stuck completely? Or If he broke just one leg or arm? Or If he was in panic and take some wrong decisions? Or If he gave up after realizing that he is completely stuck in fire? All these scenarios led to his death.

  26. cttransmb


    18 dagen geleden

    That was toastie

  27. Edgar Axtli

    Edgar Axtli

    18 dagen geleden

    Luck got nothing to do with it,

  28. Ian Edmonds

    Ian Edmonds

    18 dagen geleden

    It's a testament to the F1 management that they've listened enough that this wasn't fatal. If they'd done that 30 years ago we might have had Senna for longer. Good it's better now. Just jaw dropping he walked away from that. Luv and Peace.

  29. colin martin

    colin martin

    18 dagen geleden

    For me the most lucky part about this crash not becoming a fatal crash, was the various rotational forces that redirected the inertia and after the initial contact. The primary contact at 60 deg, converted to rotation that swung the mass of the engine and rear drive train around the center of gravity breaking it off. This action took away a lot of the inertia forces. Next the barrier failure and the halo snagging the top rail, allowing the cockpit to further rotate about its longitudinal axis redirection of the stopping forces downward relative to greaujean, dissipating the g forces into his back and seat. All of these redirections in a fraction of a seccond.. But they saved his life. Had the impact penetrated the barrier in a straight line the failure of the lower rails, would have done little to slow the safety cell going right through with a hard downward force of the halo forcing its way under the top rail. This could have allowed greaujeans head to be thrown forward and become more exposed as the halo decended. Effectively raising the position of his helmet in the halo surround. The bottom edge of the top rail could have ripped through the top if his helmet if part of the rail buckled downward or the halo being deformed or broken.... Accidents are a compilation of events that come together to create a situation that cannot be avoided and prevent the "accident". Here some of the events that took place actually helped make this a survivable accident, but not forgetting greaujean's reactions and actions taking an important part in his fast extraction. Unlucky but lucky... Worst accident ive seen in any of the 60 years of F1 races ive watched, and the happiest outcome possible... Boy that was a close one...

  30. Trevor Weimer

    Trevor Weimer

    18 dagen geleden

    The fellas doing the fire suppression seemed very under trained. If you watch video replay you'll see that pretty much anyone with an extinguisher was hesitant in doing their job and very confused. Nothing replaces repetitive training.

  31. popspapa


    19 dagen geleden

    He’s been a liability and was the most dangerous driver on the track for the past 5 years. Sad that it happened but come on.....

  32. Dave Wright

    Dave Wright

    19 dagen geleden

    Props to all the safety gear(suits, helmets, gloves, shoes)for the drivers now. This was a real life test to show that the equipment can stand up. Also, the rescue team did a phenomenal job. Granted the heat kept them back for a bit, but they didnt stop trying. Great job!

  33. Keifu Chan

    Keifu Chan

    19 dagen geleden

    It's Netflix's fault.

  34. Schlum99


    20 dagen geleden

    I think it was a miracle that he was not knocked unconscious on impact. The fact he stayed conscious and got himself out saved his life. 🙏 glad he made it out safe, it was a very serious crash.

    • Michael King

      Michael King

      14 dagen geleden

      God saved this man and that's the miracle.

    • Robert


      18 dagen geleden

      Modern crash safety.

  35. Terry Goyan

    Terry Goyan

    20 dagen geleden

    28 seconds to escape? Seemed like forever, and certainly didn't look possible! It was such a relief to see Grosjean walk out of the flames.....

  36. Dan G

    Dan G

    20 dagen geleden

    Watched this on Netflix last night. Pretty sure I forgot to breathe for a minute

  37. redbovine


    21 dag geleden

    5 years ago he would not have survived.

  38. Wrist Candy

    Wrist Candy

    21 dag geleden

    It's a pity vaccine manufacturers aren't as concerned with safety as the FIA

  39. Timmy Schnitzel

    Timmy Schnitzel

    21 dag geleden

    The investigation should have centred on how was such a wild driver ever allowed to get behind the wheel of an F1, and what bribes were, and are being paid to get bad drivers onto super licences.

  40. Johny Rose

    Johny Rose

    21 dag geleden

    Kudos to the FIA's safety dept for being so uncompromising in implementing strict safety measures.

  41. Moose004


    21 dag geleden

    I wonder if he would have come out of the crash better if that inside barrier hadn't been a single-layer guardrail and had instead been something like a SAFER barrier in NASCAR or at least something solid instead of something that could have been penetrated. The only courses I think that NASCAR still runs on that use Armco or something like that are the road courses, I think. All the oval tracks have gone to SAFER barriers for most all their vulnerable points, some I think are 100% SAFER around the entire track now.

  42. Colby Murphy

    Colby Murphy

    21 dag geleden

    This was a superbly organized video! Very well done

  43. Florian Walter

    Florian Walter

    22 dagen geleden

    6:15 It almost looks like Grosjean wants to walk back to his car to continue his race.

  44. RD Flo

    RD Flo

    22 dagen geleden

    Be careful how you word matters of G force, at they are very local. 67G to Grosjean sounds incredible but I doubt that it is correct, based on the deformation of the crash barrier, it seems more like the car's sensors recorded 67G (very likely). Grosjean world have felt a factor less than that due to impact padding etc. Thankfully he survived, and cudos to the people who helped him. Still it's interesting to see that fia learns from such accidents and takes action. Good work..

  45. Ironbuket


    22 dagen geleden

    The FIA has fully examined all the factors involved in the accident and has concluded that significant safety improvements for F1 in the future can be made by Grosjean not being present on the grid. I think it’s a miracle the guy didn’t kill someone during his time in F1. Goodluck to those racing against him in the future.

  46. ynotnilknarf39


    22 dagen geleden

    Why no criticism of HALO? Typical that no-one can actually say why HALO was supposed to have 'done its job' yet people like these fools simply say it is so because that's the narrative and yet there's no evidence at all HALO worked and yet we know factually it hindered Grosjeans egress.

  47. Fernando António

    Fernando António

    22 dagen geleden

    Monza and Monaco shouldn't exist in regards of safety and rescue. Comparing to modern circuits the two are nightmares.

  48. LednacekZ


    22 dagen geleden

    Imagine what would happen if he didnt wear the new suit that had higher fire resistance standards. he would have similar burns like his hands all over his body.

  49. Phil Nolan

    Phil Nolan

    22 dagen geleden

    It is unbelievable that any circuit would not have some sort of padding/tyres/speed arresting in front of all armco barriers, why is this not obvious to everyone?

  50. Chaos


    23 dagen geleden

    I've been watching F1 for over 40 years. My first thought was of Nikki Lauda's crash. I absolutely, immediately thought, when I saw this crash, that he was gone. No way someone walks away from that kind of fire for that long. Not jammed like that against the rail like that, with the car split in two. I was very glad I was wrong. Just amazing. from design to the performance of the safety crew on the scene, and the sheer will of Grosjean himself.

  51. Dave Moore

    Dave Moore

    23 dagen geleden

    Has anyone survived 67gs before?

  52. The Radio Shack by Mark G0MGX

    The Radio Shack by Mark G0MGX

    23 dagen geleden

    I fail to understand how he remained conscious from an impact like that - its a miracle.

    • Robert


      18 dagen geleden

      All the safety gear.

  53. Mike


    23 dagen geleden

    The 67G impact was registered where exactly? On the car or on the drivers body? Was 67G at the moment of impact, so before the nose cone disintegrated and barrier deformed? How many G did the driver endure after the crash absorption seat belts ect did their job? Fire response could improve for the safety car, by employing the indycar style of operation, a 50kg powder cylinder in the trunk or strapped to back seat with a 20 meter hose. (Same units as pictured on the back of the pickup truck)

  54. Dirk Barrow

    Dirk Barrow

    23 dagen geleden

    Thanks for this great analysis.

  55. Lukasz U

    Lukasz U

    23 dagen geleden

    This barrier should not be there. There should be gravel trap and tires wall before solid barries, and it should be allign in different angle in respect to track direction. In my opinion, track design was bad.



    23 dagen geleden


  57. Phil


    23 dagen geleden

    Jules Biachis death and Formula Ones response to it - The Halo and the stronger safety cell because of the addition of the Halo - is why Grosjean survived. When Grosjean jumped over that guardrail , I had tears of joy in my eyes. Rest in Peace Jules.

  58. Upside down

    Upside down

    24 dagen geleden

    20 years ago this would have been another tombstone, respect to everyone who helped keep a racer racing

  59. Alain Belanger

    Alain Belanger

    24 dagen geleden

    Very Closed called Medical Car sure Drone should the next thing as fire fighter been monitored.

  60. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    24 dagen geleden

    I think the medical vehicle occupants need to wear full face helmets & fire gear, the 1st responder could not get as close as he wanted to due to his face being scalded.

  61. buellzz


    24 dagen geleden

    Cevert, Koinigg..that was the 70s. Amazed they still use these barriers.

  62. Neil Reid

    Neil Reid

    24 dagen geleden

    Any chance of upgrading those pee-wee fire extinguishers to units that can actually put down a major fire?

  63. James McKay

    James McKay

    24 dagen geleden

    I'm curious as to whether a partial halo failure could act to block the driver's exit from the cockpit.



    24 dagen geleden

    I betchu Hass was doing the bare minimum for safety.

  65. Nigel Stefani

    Nigel Stefani

    24 dagen geleden

    Wouldn’t it make sense to have padded barriers around all circumference of the track like BSB super bikes for instance? Or am I missing something? 👀

  66. Stefano Pinchetti

    Stefano Pinchetti

    25 dagen geleden

    1. I hate when 67 g is dubbed a "force", the term to use is "acceleration". 2. I'd like that applicable considerations were extended to street cars.

  67. Alistair Aldridge

    Alistair Aldridge

    25 dagen geleden

    If you change the rules for every crash F1 will be a walk in the park, a car designed to survive one type of crash will not survive another type of crash, this uber focus on safety keeps safety and staying safe firmly in the forefront of most peoples minds, no wonder no one takes chances. A society of Snowflakes are what you end up with.

  68. alan mac

    alan mac

    25 dagen geleden

    F1 will now be much safer because Grosjean is no longer in it. Indycar drivers beware!

  69. James Hernandez

    James Hernandez

    26 dagen geleden

    Omg we already fucking know.

  70. simon shotter

    simon shotter

    26 dagen geleden

    Didn’t he name the fire Hugo or something

  71. Anton Farmer

    Anton Farmer

    27 dagen geleden

    So glad he escaped and pleased that the lessons learned from this awful incident will help keep drivers and all involved safer in the future

  72. Dale Lumbra

    Dale Lumbra

    27 dagen geleden

    Perfect example of how very safe cars can still result in tragedy when impacting a very UNsafe barrier. This was avoidable

  73. Jake Phelps

    Jake Phelps

    27 dagen geleden

    More focus needs to be made on circuit design safety. That wall barrier was sticking out like a sore thumb and just waiting for someone to hit it.

    • Diane Biglow

      Diane Biglow

      26 dagen geleden

      Diane Biglow, You are absolutely correct much more circuit design needs correcting. That type of barrier should be long gone.

  74. Aaron Sarver

    Aaron Sarver

    27 dagen geleden

    This happened to the best guy with the worst luck in F1 racing currently. I feel bad for him because he seems to crash a lot. He's such a nice guy and has the potential to win. I only heard/saw a bout this crash 2 weeks after it happened and seeing him come out of the car, and then hearing his recount of the crash got me emotional. So glad he lived Also, Kudos to the designers and FiA to immediately address safety advances in car and track and policy. I look forward to the next car design to come from the results of this crash. I hope fortune smiles upon Grosjean and he gets a Win very soon. To Add: I saw a video of the onboard communications between the other drivers and their pit crew. It's amazing how much they really do care about one another when they see a crash occur. At the end of the day they don't want to see one of their brothers die. At that point, it's not about winning any more, it's about Life. Much respect to those boys who cared to ask about Grosjean.

  75. D truthing

    D truthing

    28 dagen geleden

    Very glad he made it out Ok but still can't wrap my brain around Grojean holding on to a F1 seat for as long as he did.

  76. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes

    28 dagen geleden

    I saw this live... I was just watching the telly cause my father-in-law loves F1 and we were sitting together... I remember just thinking, "welp, he's dead". I was astonished when the first footage of him actually getting out was released.

  77. Ken Pole

    Ken Pole

    28 dagen geleden

    what the foxtrot is "pre-planning"?

  78. Johnson Shelbi

    Johnson Shelbi

    28 dagen geleden

    The sore goose cephalometrically plug because weapon physiologically describe unlike a crooked glove. deeply, rebel collar

  79. Volo


    28 dagen geleden

    Romain Grosjean has in-ear accelerometers? I always suspected that F1 drivers were cyborgs... Except Kimi Räikkönen - he's a full-on alien.

  80. Gerard Tully

    Gerard Tully

    29 dagen geleden

    It was only a matter of time for Grosjean, the guy was the most dangerous driver on the track.

  81. jabx1231


    29 dagen geleden

    He is such a lucky lucky guy watched it live on tv and was horrified definitely thought no one could survive

  82. Dangerous Banana

    Dangerous Banana

    29 dagen geleden

    Tracks could look at the USA Ovals "safer barrier" ! I think these barriers are a incredible tool for safer racing.

  83. B Dito

    B Dito

    29 dagen geleden

    Romain Grosjean - The man that walked out of fire.

  84. lawwdog


    29 dagen geleden

    Those who watched this live witnessed a miracle.

    • Diane Biglow

      Diane Biglow

      26 dagen geleden

      Diane Biglow, SO TRUE

  85. SlowSchwinn


    29 dagen geleden

    It was a horrible crash. Response time was good, although response effectiveness needs to me improved. I saw poor extinguisher use. Responders without proper head gear, causing them to not be able to get closer and properly sweep the base of the flames. I would actually love to see the types of extinguishers used. I did notice a few powder, types, and two looked like water (heaven forbid--- I hope I'm wrong), but what I never saw was foam residue. BUt... a lot was going on within 30 seconds of the crash. I'm glad the story ends with burnt hands rather than flowers being laid at the base of the guard rail.

  86. Vedad24


    Maand geleden

    if no Halo his head would be separated from his body 100%

  87. Jernej Demšar

    Jernej Demšar

    Maand geleden

    So if he were a bit slower, he might got stuck right under the barrier? 😱

  88. POWER


    Maand geleden

    Definitely look into the fire not being knocked back even a little bit. Fire fighting tactics and people trained in it

  89. steewee21


    Maand geleden

    bad driver,

  90. Utha


    Maand geleden

    I'm pretty sure the firesuits were only upgraded that season, which gave him extra time. I don't recall how much extra time they said it would give, but I wonder, if this had occurred in 2019, would he have survived? Or survived with such minor injuries? Either way, a very lucky man to have survived, but also very unlucky that the car separated the way it did and that the barrier failed.

  91. ChrisCullenRacing


    Maand geleden

    Romain has to be one of the most selfish drivers there is for continuing to race after this second chance at life, when he knows he needs to spend more time with his family now that he has this second chance. I guess racing's forever in the blood now.

  92. Christopher Knee

    Christopher Knee

    Maand geleden

    Solid metal barriers with no water barrels or tires to cushion the decelerating forces at that track in the year 2020 is damn disgraceful. Also, the distance from the track to the barrier is too close. Also, it should not be at an angle. Also, track firefighters need to have strong fire extinguishers that can put out a full tank petrol fire in seconds.

  93. richthe1


    Maand geleden

    Those two shouldnt have been in that Haas last year... awful drivers endangering everyone else on the track multiple times. Cost the Haas team millions for their contract then millions in repairs and time for mechanics. I'll never understand why they were allowed to race. Surely there was 1 or 2 Americans capable of driving for the American owned team... MAG and GRO were terrible... Glad he was OK obviously but yeah his contract should have finished after his second year in F1.

  94. Van Isle Rider

    Van Isle Rider

    Maand geleden

    I still don't understand how he got out after 3 attempts. Just beyond comprehension!

  95. Stan Kakol

    Stan Kakol

    Maand geleden

    I gave this video a mighty "thumbs down" because this video is nothing more than pure B.S publicity produced by F-1 apologists.

  96. Stan Kakol

    Stan Kakol

    Maand geleden

    You F-1 guys think you are so elite. As an IndyCar fan, let me tell you that we no longer use steel guardrails that date back to the 1930s. This crash would have NEVER happened on a contemporary IndyCar track.

  97. MikeZablo


    Maand geleden

    I’m no expert but just steel barrier without tyres for F1 racing ❓🤦🏻

  98. Smart Vibes

    Smart Vibes

    Maand geleden

    I think it's amazing

  99. Constable Dodo

    Constable Dodo

    Maand geleden

    His hand looks like a half cooked steak

  100. sorrynotsorry


    Maand geleden

    When I saw it live I had the same feeling after seeing Huberts crash in Formula 2, it is indescribable