Have F1’s new rules hurt Mercedes’ low-rake car concept?

Mercedes has been one of the few F1 teams in recent years not to follow the ‘high rake’ ride height concept pioneered by Red Bull. But have the rule changes around the floor of the 2021 cars created an aerodynamic situation that works against the Mercedes concept? In this video Edd Straw explains what ‘rake’ really means, how it impacts the downforce produced by an F1 car, and why the rule changes for this year could be causing Mercedes headaches
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  1. Michael Linner

    Michael Linner

    12 dagen geleden

    It will be a case of different problems same results. Mercedes will win the championship once again. Please wake me when they withdraw from F1.

  2. Jeff Conover

    Jeff Conover

    16 dagen geleden

    Mercedes fans: THIS IS AN OUTRAGE The other 99% of F1 fans: Better late than never I guess.

  3. Mechanically Creative

    Mechanically Creative

    20 dagen geleden

    I'm always hanging out by my tires, hoping I'll get some tire squirt.

  4. KyleCBowman


    20 dagen geleden

    This must be one of the best aerodynamics videos I have ever seen, well done guys!

  5. Robbie NL

    Robbie NL

    20 dagen geleden


  6. Beau Goddard

    Beau Goddard

    22 dagen geleden

    The new F1 rules were literally designed to lower Mercedes performance... obviously it hurt them.

  7. Kynx


    22 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: my driver number has always been 22 , ever since f1 2017

  8. Isaac M

    Isaac M

    22 dagen geleden

    Tire squirt, I like the sound of that

  9. SW3RVY


    23 dagen geleden

    It's funny, they just bend the rules so they still win the race and when Verstappen goes ahead and does a bit of rulebending (unintentionally, he couldn't rejoin the track immediately and had oversteer) He gets penalized. Fun sport FIA, really enjoyable to watch this way,...

  10. TineFanGaming


    23 dagen geleden

    So if merc can't win by low rake then Undercut by pit

  11. smylebutta7250


    23 dagen geleden

    Simple answer. Yes.

  12. joseph humphrey

    joseph humphrey

    23 dagen geleden

    I wonder if this was anticipated and this was seen as a way to allow Red Bull to truly mount a charge against the Merc? If so, it worked and made for a pretty exciting Bahrain finish. I also think it might shut up the Lewis haters who think he only won because he always had the fastest car.

  13. John O'Mahoney

    John O'Mahoney

    24 dagen geleden

    The real question is how much hurt has Mercedes done to formula 1 !!!

  14. Joseph Boles

    Joseph Boles

    24 dagen geleden

    Good reporting.

  15. Michael S

    Michael S

    24 dagen geleden

    Clearly not 😂

  16. Josh Gallup

    Josh Gallup

    24 dagen geleden

    Not if F! is gonna let them get away with track limits.

  17. Chris Died

    Chris Died

    24 dagen geleden

    So after all the mercedes nerfing (engin modes, aero etc etc) they are still winnong........

  18. Chris Died

    Chris Died

    24 dagen geleden

    LoL you got it wrong again..... ffs

  19. adam kerr

    adam kerr

    25 dagen geleden

    F1 officials are trying to figure out how to get the other team to catch up

  20. Ashray Hebbar

    Ashray Hebbar

    25 dagen geleden

    So which teams have high rake angles and which teams have low rake angles?

  21. RollingEyes Croat

    RollingEyes Croat

    25 dagen geleden

    Shut the hell up. Hurt ?? FIA worked with Mercedes for years to make them the most dominant team ever in this sport. I would be saying they were hurt by new rules if Hamilton was 6th or 7th on the qualy day with more than a second away from Max.

  22. Bruno Straub

    Bruno Straub

    25 dagen geleden

    Mercedes 1-2 or 2-1...

  23. Alan Griffin

    Alan Griffin

    25 dagen geleden

    Very informative. Thanks!

  24. alan mac

    alan mac

    25 dagen geleden

    So after watching this video I'm left wondering why anyone would go down the low rake path. Are there any advantages at all?

    • Sergey the Web Dev

      Sergey the Web Dev

      23 dagen geleden

      Generate less downforce. This will increase the car's acceleration in the long straights, so Mercedes and Aston Martin may just be better on certain tracks such as Monza, Canada, and Azerbaijan. But testing sessions this year in Bahrain (a low downforce track) has so far suggested that the benefit of having better grip during the corners outweighs the benefit of having reduced downforce in the long straights.

  25. kls2020


    25 dagen geleden

    ' : "Have F1’s new rules hurt Mercedes’ low-rake car concept?" I'd be surprised if so with all the shenanigans F1A has pulled to aid Mercedes during the hybrid era . Secret tire testing using Rosberg and Hamilton (in disguise) instead of required team reserve drivers at Monaco Test . Mercedes struggling early in season with tires overheating so Pirelli reduces tire thickness mid season to aid Mercedes causing most teams on the grid to suffer with tire issues after building their cars around that season's tire regulations . DAS system employed by Mercedes last year allowing drivers to manipulate front steering system geometry under parc firme conditions . Obvious violation of the rules yet judged OK to use for 2020 season .

  26. Jorg Kuijt

    Jorg Kuijt

    25 dagen geleden

    Looking forward to how Hamilton will react to loosing half a sec per round to MAX :)



    25 dagen geleden

    It’s ok that’s what everyone will say at the end of the season to they’re sandbagging when they get beat it’s ok we’ve been sandbagging for the last 5 years but we’re getting they’re

  28. schumifan78


    25 dagen geleden

    Mercedes still sandbagging in Q3? 😅

  29. schumifan78


    25 dagen geleden

    All these sandbagging comments, Red Bull just smashed Mercedes by 0.4 sec to pole, C'MON!!!! 😁

  30. VladK


    25 dagen geleden

    Mercedes well known for rear end stability for the last 6 years. Vettel - joins Mercedes family. Rear end stability: I will enable self-destruct.

  31. Homerlovesbeer2


    26 dagen geleden

    Best explanation I've EVER heard. Thank you!

  32. Dielowren 39

    Dielowren 39

    26 dagen geleden

    Mercedes using the tatic of pretending they are off pace to give everybody false hope that this year we will see a more competitive Grand Prix , and come qualifing they will finish 1st on pole and win race on sunday ....

  33. Blacktaff


    26 dagen geleden

    I think Merc have been so good that even when the evidence of your eyes tell ou one thing. You disbelieve yourself. You are doing the number on your own head. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Merc will be all conquering this year...PLEASE....PLEASE, racing. I wonder what the reaction will be if RedBull just run away. Will it be the ar or the driver?

  34. Pete Horlacher

    Pete Horlacher

    26 dagen geleden

    Great Video - Well explained and should be fun to watch the first few races. Mercedes may be sandbagging in certain ways but a twitchy backend and snap oversteer is not a way you would sandbag when there is possibility that will result in a wreck. if the car looked stable and just a little slow, i would lean toward sandbagging, but i bet they are burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to tame the rear end without losing speed.

  35. Animal Heathen

    Animal Heathen

    26 dagen geleden

    Come Lewis, do it!!!



    26 dagen geleden

    This is THE most information I've gotten about the rake concept. I've repeatidly heard about it and read about it whenever its briefly mentioned, but have never had it fully detailed this much.

  37. Ricky Lazare

    Ricky Lazare

    26 dagen geleden

    I'm a Lewis fan but this is Verstappen's year.

  38. thexitto


    26 dagen geleden

    if they do win the first race, they were just sandbagging. If they don´t, Redbull was favored by changes in regulations

  39. Bfair


    26 dagen geleden

    So thats what all thos cry donkeys want now there it is Redbull fast

  40. Bas bzb

    Bas bzb

    26 dagen geleden

    perfect, fck them

  41. Barry Sargent

    Barry Sargent

    26 dagen geleden

    The new cars look a little weird with the new rules. Thanks for explaining everything. Come on Schumacher, I've never been so excited to see a man start racing f1 since, well, the great man himself . I sincerely hope Micheal can watch his boy.

  42. JK Visions

    JK Visions

    26 dagen geleden

    i hope you are right. The mercs are annoyingly good. Though as a dutchy i have an orange view i also hope mclaren will do well.

  43. Paul Bell

    Paul Bell

    26 dagen geleden

    If Mercedes really do struggle, we can expect Horner & Verstroppen to cream their knickers as they've constantly being crying about how much better Mercs were.

  44. Mr Smith

    Mr Smith

    26 dagen geleden

    Interesting video. Would have been great if you’d have explained what the benefits of the Mercedes low rake philosophy are, as you did the high rake on the red bull.

  45. mat k

    mat k

    26 dagen geleden

    just raise the rear.

  46. Adam Courchaine

    Adam Courchaine

    26 dagen geleden

    I remember when I didn't know physics

  47. gizzy guzzi

    gizzy guzzi

    26 dagen geleden

    Why does F1 make rules like banning physical skirts? Why do they care and how do these types of rule changes help the racing? Every time they make rules it diminishes the racing.



      26 dagen geleden

      Going around an uneven surface like a race track opens up gaps in those physical skirts and that can radically disrupt the balance of the car, making it very unpredictable and easy to crash.

  48. Linda M

    Linda M

    26 dagen geleden


  49. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowd

    26 dagen geleden

    Love how Toto was already making excuses about this and the season hasn't even started yet lol

  50. Duster McClean

    Duster McClean

    26 dagen geleden

    I hope they’re going to struggle the whole season. They had dominated enough during the previous 6 seasons!

  51. Zinedine Zidane

    Zinedine Zidane

    26 dagen geleden

    this is bs same as the sandbagging

  52. Fire Up

    Fire Up

    26 dagen geleden

    red bull typically have reliability issues so even if they have a faster car.......their car will breakdown more.

  53. sheffieldgeek


    27 dagen geleden

    I lost it at Tyre "squirt".

  54. General RAAM

    General RAAM

    27 dagen geleden

    McLaren with there rear diffuser setup could be the dark horse this season.

  55. Anarchy Jay

    Anarchy Jay

    27 dagen geleden

    Videos like this remind me why I come on NLcameras! Great info

  56. Ryan Wigney

    Ryan Wigney

    27 dagen geleden

    Enjoyed the video, but asking for subs + bell at the 50 second mark is an instand dislike...

  57. Candace Laura

    Candace Laura

    27 dagen geleden

    Message Now: (Eight

  58. BSA _13

    BSA _13

    27 dagen geleden

    This could be the year that Mercedes say goodbye to the low-budget race series.... it’s a joke.

  59. Naveet Baweja

    Naveet Baweja

    27 dagen geleden

    its just lies... Mercedes will dominate 2021 season.

  60. MrTkeddo


    27 dagen geleden

    Definitely new regulations have affected Mercedes the most and we will have a scrap between Max and Perez for the driver championship.

  61. Giant Putt

    Giant Putt

    27 dagen geleden

    Mercedes never give the full picture at testing

  62. Anel Sahinpasic

    Anel Sahinpasic

    27 dagen geleden

    you are the only f1 channel with consistent quality content. your voice is just soo nice to listen to. love it

  63. lee hobbs

    lee hobbs

    27 dagen geleden

    at least when top class bikkie riders have scuff marks on their knee pads it's for the speed unlike the f1 hero shit stirrer

  64. Snow Rabbit

    Snow Rabbit

    27 dagen geleden

    P1 and P2 for Mercedes.. sandbagging 2.0

  65. Yuriy Tanev

    Yuriy Tanev

    27 dagen geleden

    Who cares about this .. We saw last season how FIA supported Mercedes. Do you think they won't do it and for this ? Nah ..

  66. A A

    A A

    27 dagen geleden

    The spotless geology topically spot because football subcellularly request to a axiomatic raincoat. malicious, pushy cork

  67. Guia Gaston

    Guia Gaston

    27 dagen geleden

    The high amount of rake on the red bull looks incredibly ugly.

  68. Richard Naujoks

    Richard Naujoks

    27 dagen geleden

    the race trying to squeeze more 'mercedes struggling' content in while they still can. I'm calling a merc 1-2 this weekend, with RB being Formula 1.25, then a whole lotta Formula 1.5 and Haas.... well Haas would probably be quicker if theyd send their NASCAR program to Bahrain...

  69. Jay A M

    Jay A M

    27 dagen geleden

    F1 always finds a way to trim the wings of the dominant car.

  70. Vytas Banys

    Vytas Banys

    27 dagen geleden

    This is excellently presented. Thank you

  71. Milton Dejesus

    Milton Dejesus

    27 dagen geleden

    tyre squirt is my new word...

  72. John William

    John William

    27 dagen geleden

    Seriously guys Merc pulls this act every year. and the media beat it up into a big thing. They are sandbagging.

  73. Zev Moses

    Zev Moses

    27 dagen geleden

    This is an incredible video, the kind of content I've been craving for years! More please, great job guys!

  74. tony mason

    tony mason

    27 dagen geleden

    Nothing much wrong with that Merc they fix the problem and just keep on winning love it if they really started to struggle would make things interesting for once.

  75. S Bayko

    S Bayko

    27 dagen geleden

    They are depleated uranium bagging

  76. lb8068


    27 dagen geleden


  77. Sat's vault

    Sat's vault

    27 dagen geleden


  78. DK101GT


    27 dagen geleden

    NLcameras: Tire Squirt Red Tube: Just Squirt

  79. Vagelis Ververas

    Vagelis Ververas

    27 dagen geleden

    Mercedes play's the hurt animal but in the end they will win again 👎

  80. michael williams

    michael williams

    27 dagen geleden

    F1 rules designed to slow Mercedes down actually working, Man who would thought it.

  81. karelpipa


    27 dagen geleden

    first quali: Mercedes 1st wtih 0.750s before anybody

  82. Tykkso


    27 dagen geleden

    WHAT IF this was Ross Brawn's grand idea from the beginning.

  83. BigMic69


    27 dagen geleden

    I'm assuming they chose that area of the floor based on how many times we've seen Mercedes struggle performance wise whenever they've occurred damage in that area. Not to say that other teams don't struggle as well, it's just that they're not the ones dominating the field... IJS

  84. Eugénio Montês

    Eugénio Montês

    27 dagen geleden

    Mercedes slaps a 'McLaren diffuser' and there you have it problem solved.

  85. gad gup

    gad gup

    27 dagen geleden

    If Mercedes are struggling with stability, that will be exacerbated by a typically windy Bahrain. I really they'll struggle unless they find a last minute fix.

  86. y1521t21b5


    27 dagen geleden

    *Merc-proofed F1 to end this phase of the hybrid era? Yes, please! A man can wish...* Given their aero philosophy, their response to the chunks being taken out of the floor from 2020 to 2021 seems to have fallen short of recouping the lost downforce. Starting with _W05,_ their all-conquering hybrid era beasts have essentially almost always been the pick of the grid in terms of front end responsiveness but given up something to the high-rake brigade in terms of rear stability. _Merc_ appear to have failed to regain the ironclad front-to-rear air-shaping that guaranteed their ultrahigh downforce when dialled in. Here's hoping it takes them time to dial in the aero this season and that they _S🅱️inalla_ and chomp tyres faster to add to their woes and prevent another procession to the world titles!

  87. V L

    V L

    27 dagen geleden

    THE RACE and naive fans: Mercedes will be struggling. Mercedes: So anyway I started dominating...

  88. Seriouzhnya


    27 dagen geleden

    Paid sandbagging and panicing advert by Mercedes

  89. Sean Sutton

    Sean Sutton

    27 dagen geleden

    I'll come back to this when they're 150 points ahead at mid-season.

  90. imran2nv


    27 dagen geleden

    Hamilton after race one, "This is to all the youngster, if you keep fighting you can come out on top"

  91. Joel Estadella

    Joel Estadella

    27 dagen geleden

    Mercedes were struggling and RB looked pretty fast... I think it's gonna be another year of bad tires and complete domination from Mercedes

  92. Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor

    27 dagen geleden

    Mercedes is not going to win this year.

  93. Joe Swift

    Joe Swift

    27 dagen geleden

    The secretive car reveal had me thinking the silver arrows had some new innovation at the back end, something ground breaking like the Brawn double diffuser. Now it night be that rather than innovating, they are going to be forced to follow the high rake concept into next season, that really would bring the competition back...

  94. HolyGuacamole


    27 dagen geleden

    Not being an aero expert, I find this video BRILLIANT. I've heard all the buzzwords before but now I understand what those buzzwords mean and how they pertain to real life.

  95. kudason


    27 dagen geleden

    Is McLaren not running a low rake as well?

  96. Ferrus Flandrii

    Ferrus Flandrii

    27 dagen geleden

    Hey narator, i don't know your name. But I'm a big fan of your work.

  97. William Olsen II

    William Olsen II

    27 dagen geleden

    The best on-line explanation of body aero pieces I've ever seen.

  98. Gordon Fan

    Gordon Fan

    27 dagen geleden

    In all honesty I hope they do 2nd in the season but it is Mercedes so I say they get 1st and then hopefully struggle in the next era of formula 1 but even that is doubtful

  99. GOGOgomes


    27 dagen geleden

    man i can't really complaing about THE RACE saying that Merc might not be the best team based on the pre testing, they are just trying their best to sell us, this season while they can. and if i'm wrong and they are right, who cares we'll all get a competitive season

  100. Jarad Doyon

    Jarad Doyon

    27 dagen geleden

    Don't they also get more downforce because the air is pushing on the top part of the car, and since it is at a higher angle it pushes down more?