The secrets of Honda's 'smaller than size zero' 2021 F1 engine

Honda infamously returned to F1 in 2015 with McLaren boasting about its 'size zero' packaging - a demand from the team that made the Japanese manufacturer's comeback much more difficult than it should have been. After those early failings Honda abandoned the idea with an engine revamp for 2017, but four years later it is now capable of producing an even tighter package than the one it failed to get results from with McLaren. Scott Mitchell explains how it achieved that, why it's a different attempt this time around, and what else we've uncovered about the engine that Honda is hoping will allow it to bow out of F1 in style in 2021.
How Honda made its engine smaller than size zero
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  1. edozie sylvester

    edozie sylvester

    3 dagen geleden

    After seeing the Race at Imola which happened on 18th April I believe Honda has a 50-50 chance of winning the F1 title in 2021. But never rule out Mercedes and Hamilton especially, after he skidded off the track he dropped from 2nd to 8th but after daring skills and lots of DRS he quickly climbed back to 2nd but not close enough to trouble Verstappen in the Red Bull Honda.

  2. allan hughes

    allan hughes

    6 dagen geleden


  3. Peter Moore

    Peter Moore

    7 dagen geleden

    Nothing more than a regurgitation of Honda PR.....

  4. David Jennings

    David Jennings

    8 dagen geleden


  5. Deanna Kelly

    Deanna Kelly

    10 dagen geleden

    The scary dipstick aboaly trap because payment technologically last with a ablaze outrigger. sweltering, uninterested landmine

  6. RbNetEngr


    10 dagen geleden

    At 1:10...shortened ‘cyclinder’ bore spacing...

  7. ΔŦłΛVØΣ


    10 dagen geleden

    Honda just partnered with Koenigsegg for their 3 cylinder and slapped 2 of them together.

  8. Scout H

    Scout H

    11 dagen geleden

    Why does “competitive season” have to equal rules changes to hurt Mercedes instead of the other manufacturers stepping up their game? Honda made great innovations but will we really see that they work since the rules were strictly written to punish not only Mercedes engine but also their chassis design? But yes let’s talk about someone finally giving it a go against Mercedes...leave the rules alone and then let them bring their best stuff and then if they challenge the mErc’s it would be legit. Even against all the odds the Mercedes still whooped the Honda’s. Lol

  9. p jay

    p jay

    11 dagen geleden

    I don't believe this video, I think they've used one of their 50cc moped engines.

  10. 8power0


    13 dagen geleden


  11. Von Albert Astorga

    Von Albert Astorga

    13 dagen geleden

    Im just glad we have (at least) 1 Japanese engine manufacturer on the grid. We can only hope they come back soon!

  12. Hernâni Alves

    Hernâni Alves

    15 dagen geleden

    4:37 - 34°C represent possibility the hottest conditions throughout all the year! Portugal in late April: You're correct.... possibility! 😄👍

  13. Agent Cooper

    Agent Cooper

    15 dagen geleden

    I want to see Lewis cry.

  14. Bely Bob

    Bely Bob

    15 dagen geleden

    Is Yamaha involved in the Honda F1 engine development???. We all known Yamaha is the Japanese Cosworth knowledge centre for extreme performance of engines?

  15. Pani Smith

    Pani Smith

    16 dagen geleden

    The "Dark Horse" possibly for 2021, if Bahrain 🇧🇭 is anything thing to go by Red - Bull, could be the F - 1 team to watch.

  16. Tyler VanOrman

    Tyler VanOrman

    16 dagen geleden

    Subscribed!! Great information, cheers mate.

  17. Ricardo Antonio

    Ricardo Antonio

    17 dagen geleden

    Wow. So many shots of that new engine!

  18. David Gretlein

    David Gretlein

    18 dagen geleden

    Will the Honda engine facilities be “transferred” to Red Bull? I’ve been away from F1 news for awhile since has been “Lewis, Lewis, Lewis”, except for any news about Romain coming to America.

  19. Ryan E

    Ryan E

    18 dagen geleden

    I didn’t know Honda had an “r” at the end of it

  20. graham slyfield

    graham slyfield

    18 dagen geleden

    I guess this is why RB were so keen to have an engine development freeze at the end of the year, which all the other teams agreed to.

  21. MrAttack23


    18 dagen geleden

    Also, Honda is trying to do a Rosberg here xD

  22. MrAttack23


    18 dagen geleden

    Vtec ayyyyy

  23. Dark Mice

    Dark Mice

    20 dagen geleden

    You spelled it cyclinder. Lol.

  24. indopleaser


    20 dagen geleden

    what happened to no changes in 2021? did this use all the tokens?

  25. Mark Louie Adame

    Mark Louie Adame

    20 dagen geleden

    If redbull honda finally matched the speed and reliability of mercedes f1 then we will see showdown on 2021

  26. Cool


    20 dagen geleden

    Do you think you could make the video after the season has finished and hopefully a red Bull on top? xD

  27. Fanboy 3000

    Fanboy 3000

    21 dag geleden

    I'm sad to see Honda go especially after seeing them finally finding their stride with Red Bull.

  28. Pepe


    21 dag geleden

    GP2 engine

  29. Dan H

    Dan H

    21 dag geleden

    I want my CB360 back, blue.

  30. 401, Sumer Rana

    401, Sumer Rana

    21 dag geleden

    is it true that Honda are planning to exit F1?

  31. weofnjieofing


    22 dagen geleden

    For Honda to leave with a championship will be a hugely emotional affair. So much pride if they do win after almost getting from F1. Best of luck for Max and Sergio this year!

  32. Ivan Delos Santos

    Ivan Delos Santos

    22 dagen geleden

    How is awesome is it that the car is called RB16B? B16B is the name of one of the most iconic Honda engines in the late 90s (Civic Type R EK9's engine).

  33. Jal yaz Roj vaz

    Jal yaz Roj vaz

    22 dagen geleden

    The five knee disappointedly nail because push dentsply sneeze round a paltry flat. valuable, tedious mailbox

  34. Dipling. Pitzler

    Dipling. Pitzler

    22 dagen geleden

    Talking about engines without showing any technical drawings or photos ( at least of older F1 engines,if the current are not available ) is like trying to dance your name in yoga class. This blabla is a complete waste of time!

  35. leongt1954


    23 dagen geleden

    These new rule change to the cars is a direct way to stop Mercedes and it seems to have worked RB favour but the Mercedes still has the edge in the straits

  36. Hasina Acter

    Hasina Acter

    23 dagen geleden

    well i guess the engine aint bad!

  37. Fide Nemini

    Fide Nemini

    23 dagen geleden

    Honda released the Kraken at the best timing possible, now that the engine development is frozen until 2025, the other vendors will have no answers to this in next 4 years.

  38. You know it's true

    You know it's true

    23 dagen geleden

    Honda engine in for a big year. I'm predicting a close second and perhaps a fifth in the opening race in Bahrain.

  39. Pete Templin

    Pete Templin

    23 dagen geleden

    Resdesigned cyclinder? Time for a spellchecker on staff.

  40. Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music

    Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music

    23 dagen geleden

    "Size 0" during the McLaren period was pushed by McLaren, not Honda. Honda were against it because of heat dissipation issues. McLaren kept pushing and as a result got an engine which overheated rapidly, hence the drop in power and failures. Stop blaming Honda for McLaren's hubris.

  41. Sudeepta Ghosh

    Sudeepta Ghosh

    23 dagen geleden

    ICE age over ..time to scrap F1...

  42. Martti Suomivuori

    Martti Suomivuori

    24 dagen geleden

    Verstappen wasn't happy of the second place yesterday.

  43. Nick H

    Nick H

    24 dagen geleden

    5 days later Lewis wins. Next time maybe.

  44. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    24 dagen geleden

    A lot of good this does when you GIVE the win to Mercedes! Max had Lewis' number at Bahrain but handed track position back to Lewis in a disgusting display of subservience and years of Stockholm syndrome. No way I would have given that position up. I would have let the Stewards make that decision all their own. Then they would look like jerks, because Lewis ran off track on lap 51 and gained advantage but not a word was said and he was not required to give up anything! LAME....

  45. Jim Stanley

    Jim Stanley

    24 dagen geleden

    It will be interesting to see whether the gas flow characteristics associated with those changes to the heads are worth the aerodynamic advantages.

  46. GLM 5983 everts

    GLM 5983 everts

    24 dagen geleden

    I hope that Honda is this season mutch bether then mercedes

  47. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    25 dagen geleden

    It also helps to have decent drivers. Put Grosjean on your team and watch your points drop and crashes increase.

  48. Stefan Gabor

    Stefan Gabor

    25 dagen geleden

    I have no doubt that Honda will make it work and be at the top with RB. It would be interesting to have a few comments from Alonso and Ron Dennis about Honda now.

  49. victor rugg

    victor rugg

    25 dagen geleden

    Why did Honda drop the S2000, they should have a sports car in there name to compete with Miata. I have a Vantage and a 911 and would love a smaller sports car like I drove years ago

  50. wimpie


    25 dagen geleden

    Well.... Qualification says it all. Both Red Bull and Alpha Tauri did really well 👍🏽 Let’s see how the race goes today 🤞

  51. A Z

    A Z

    25 dagen geleden

    not good engine to small

  52. Robert Nichols

    Robert Nichols

    25 dagen geleden

    Just as Honda is doing well, they abandon the F1 project. Maybe they should rethink their involvement and stick around for awhile

  53. Jim K

    Jim K

    25 dagen geleden

    Don't care who it is but I just want to see ANYONE take it to Mercedes!

  54. Nikola Sthyr

    Nikola Sthyr

    25 dagen geleden

    Well today it took pole by half a second with a damaged floor

  55. Brick Island

    Brick Island

    25 dagen geleden

    Honda on pole in Bahrain

  56. Chris Butler Smith

    Chris Butler Smith

    25 dagen geleden

    I hope they blists Mercedes.

  57. tjampman


    26 dagen geleden

    F1 engines have camshafts? I thought they'd replaced those with common rail/pneumatic valves 2-3 decades ago.

  58. Dr Peter jones

    Dr Peter jones

    26 dagen geleden

    How much longer will last in its present form ? The failure of leadership since 2011 has lead to a nose dive for this sport who has to compete with the finite sponsorship purse world wide. It been unable to attract two further teams on the grid due to capital barriers,media contract handcuffs for sponsors who have simply walked away from teram sponsorship to other sports. Whilst the smaller teams have been unable to compete as the sponsorship monies comming in have not been ditributed uniformly. We are comming to another crunch point when the combustion engine must be replaced by other technologies to meet climate change.The sport finds itself with no chair when the music stops. The latest vacum of leadership has let radical left wing political groups start the corrosive process of exclusion of sponsors, countries, and Brands from been associated with the sport. It is unclear whether Steffio Deminicarli apealsment stile will help this decline. Already he has taken his eye off the ball for the EU legal requirement to introduced quotas for all teams of 5% of severely disabled to be employed at senior level in all teams and suppliers this year and publish in the consolidated balance sheet on how this is going to be acheived in the next twelve months. The European/UK courts could fine promoters of the sport for not complying with this primary legislative requirement which could cancel some races in the European area. The retirement of Frank Williams and Robert Kubica with semmingly no replace of severely disabled replacement candidates has put on the red light to law enforcers and lobby groups. The courts have already warned that the sport must comply with disabled inclusion or risk procecution as they have had ten years to substantially change the sport to comply with the primary legislation. It is pointed out that the blind and severely disabled are the only legally recognised in primary legislation for quotas to be imposed on F1. This is distinct from political lobby groups or lower legislative boddies. How will Steffino and press license holders comply with this primary legislation in the next twelve months after ten years of inaction and deniel?

  59. Dynorunner


    26 dagen geleden

    At Mercedes - never show ur pace before the race. 😁

  60. Agent 9922

    Agent 9922

    26 dagen geleden

    It will come down to Drivers Experience , that is where Mercedes will stick it to Red Bull, Max will find a way not to complete about Races in the year.

  61. 73whitezz


    26 dagen geleden

    One can only hope someone can challenge the mercs. It's been such a bloody bore!

  62. Jeffrey B.

    Jeffrey B.

    26 dagen geleden

    Maybe Honda will win and change their mind.....could happen...??

  63. J C

    J C

    26 dagen geleden

    has a manufacturer even won motogp and f1 in the same year? cant think of any.

  64. Tezzr Terry

    Tezzr Terry

    26 dagen geleden

    RB are fast for this weekend. Honda has huge engine R&D from its MotoGP bikes as well. Honda have said that it is only in racing, to train their engineers to a higher level.

  65. Jack Dolah

    Jack Dolah

    26 dagen geleden

    bullshit, overrated team

  66. toëntje


    26 dagen geleden

    Hamilton has restless nights ,he knows max is going to eat him alive .

  67. HaraldOft.


    26 dagen geleden

    RB will not win the championship for one reason only. To many DNF due to PU failure. PU failure cost Max 2 place last season. Last year he had DNF on round 1, will it happend again?

  68. Justin Best

    Justin Best

    27 dagen geleden

    Imagine the strong position Alonso could have been in if only he kept his big mouth shut! Honda needs to rethink its plans to leave f1, they've finally done it!

  69. 84rusty


    27 dagen geleden

    Took a whole minute to get to the point

  70. Redskies453


    27 dagen geleden

    God I wish Honda was staying.

  71. Kevin Muggeridge

    Kevin Muggeridge

    27 dagen geleden

    I'm backing Redbull and Honda to take the Drivers and Constructors Championship in 2021. A new champion is needed, especially before the big things coming for 2022

    • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

      Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

      26 dagen geleden

      Not going to happen is Mercedes is going to win the constructors championship

  72. Jp dela Cruz

    Jp dela Cruz

    27 dagen geleden

    Niiiice very informative on the power unit side of things because thats where we F1 fans are interested in and not always about aero. Hope you can do an indepth power unit on ferrari and renault... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  73. Floss Chairleg

    Floss Chairleg

    27 dagen geleden

    They will start loosing interest after the summer break. That’s when the Marko whinge starts . I’m predicting the biggest disappointment will be Red Bull and Aston Martin. It’s tough out there.

  74. 10001000101


    27 dagen geleden

    Germans Vs the Japanese, sadly the Japanese withdrew just as they were competitive.

  75. Michael Montgomery

    Michael Montgomery

    27 dagen geleden

    Would be good to get Mazda or Toyota into the engine manufacturing game for f1 aswell as maybe looking at a Korean company giving it a go and also ford/cos worth making a comeback and Aston Martin making there own engines

  76. Lemuel Taylor

    Lemuel Taylor

    27 dagen geleden

    I know pre-season testing means nothing but... in 2015 what we saw was what we got and pretty much has been since for most teams except Ferrari. Even when Merc hasn't been runaway favorites, they've been strong and RB has always seemed a step behind. Now they look a bit closer I do believe we will have a fight on our hands. Bring it on.

  77. car7000


    27 dagen geleden

    honda pls stay :c

  78. styleemusic


    27 dagen geleden

    Japanese engineering is simply brilliant, hope they return to F1 soon

  79. Max T

    Max T

    27 dagen geleden

    I am black, all lives must matter equally always ❤️

  80. ともちん長崎


    27 dagen geleden


  81. theo sas

    theo sas

    27 dagen geleden

    merc go for the 8 straight title to break the maybe next year

  82. Oved Appr

    Oved Appr

    27 dagen geleden

    One team that will shuffle the rank is alpine ! they still seem to have issue setting up the car but the car can do first rank

  83. Oved Appr

    Oved Appr

    27 dagen geleden

    this year ? Hard to call it ! Mercedes loss of the push pull steering mechanism seemed to affect them more then I would ever expected! So much that as a reflex , I blurted out , merc is sand bagging n I know the capability of stupidity spirit and the steering trick was nice but should not affect merc to the extent we saw in practice ! we ll have to wait and see ! Stupidity spirit is good at many thing ! But adjusting the car is not one of them ! If hamilton and bottas need the car to go upside down on the track to go fast ? They have to word it to who ever they need to ! otherwise car stay down side down !

  84. P R

    P R

    27 dagen geleden

    HONDA RULES.......Will kick the competitions ass

  85. Louis Burgess

    Louis Burgess

    27 dagen geleden

    Sunday. 1. Verstappen. 2. Hamilton 3 Bottas

  86. Joshua Japitan

    Joshua Japitan

    27 dagen geleden

    Based on this, I'd like to see Toyota return and bring what they've learned from the GR Yaris

    • Paul Hope

      Paul Hope

      14 dagen geleden

      Lol.. What would that be then?

  87. Trevor Austin

    Trevor Austin

    27 dagen geleden

    I hope Red Bull trounce anything driven by that tax dodging bell-end Hamilton.

  88. Paul Freedman

    Paul Freedman

    27 dagen geleden

    I hope Honda revisits their decision to quit after this season, if the engine proves its worth.

  89. Dav Apikyan

    Dav Apikyan

    27 dagen geleden

    I thought they didn’t use camshafts and were numeric valves?

  90. tigerrx


    27 dagen geleden

    Honda had to do this now. There’s no way they were going to pair their prized driver for the only season they’ll be present with an engine that’s not competitive. Give him equipment to shine and hopefully AlphaTauri keep him

  91. Rachnmat


    27 dagen geleden

    The information in this is so vague it could apply to any of the engine suppliers

  92. Yigithan D.

    Yigithan D.

    27 dagen geleden

    i am really pumped up for the 2021 season, apart from saudi gp. but, nevertheless, lets see if we can finally have some challenge for the title

  93. Guy Parris

    Guy Parris

    27 dagen geleden

    Within 30 seconds you say “ Honder” then you say “Honda”. WTF?

  94. Miko 'Why'

    Miko 'Why'

    27 dagen geleden

    Maybe that is why RedBull wanted the engine freeze for next years... They have seen that new engine potential!

  95. Hakala


    27 dagen geleden

    Mclaren will do well this year.

  96. Collin Phiri

    Collin Phiri

    27 dagen geleden

    you are assuming it's reliable... season hasn't kick off

  97. Seb wokes

    Seb wokes

    27 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure this happened last year then Hamilton dominated

  98. William Stephens

    William Stephens

    28 dagen geleden

    Another GP2 engine?

  99. Kavin Vora

    Kavin Vora

    28 dagen geleden

    Don't underestimate Ferrari engine surely they didn't show full hands still now

  100. No Regerts

    No Regerts

    28 dagen geleden

    Farrari: push slow button. Hamilton 2 laps ahead